Just before I headed to Sydney for the Easter holidays, I decided to meet up with a friend of mine for some Greek delights.

If you guys have read my tweets on Twitter, yall would've known where I went for this nomfest already!


One of my new fave delicacies – Greek food!

Also, I can't believe I've never had it ever before I came to Aussie


So the Sunday just before I left for Sydney, Grace and I headed to this restaurant to have our Hellenic cuisine 🙂

Right along Bridge Road in Richmond, lay a very cosy 'The Olive Grove' Greek eatery. Bingo!


In for lunchies we go!


I loved the interior to bits.

It was in pristine condition; elaborately decorated, yet still boasted a minimalistic concept


The table set-up had a tinge of fine dining to it


Chandeliers, large wooden-framed mirrors and wenge-like furniture


We were ushered to a nice lil table for two and given the menu.

The first thing we ordered was some unctuous wine to kick-start our palate 🙂



Some red and white wine for us ladies, please? 🙂


Carbonello for me and Chardonay for her 😀


Although I do prefer white wine to reds, I reckon a slight venture into an acquired  taste would be nice


So we did some catching up and clinking our wine glasses over funny conversations and itsybitsies of our lives 🙂

I vividly remember how we met for the first time though; on the plane. Yup, you read right.


Grace and I met on our flight to Melbourne, some 2 months ago.


And now, we're sitting here together, having a splendid lunch on an Easter Sunday 😀 What are the odds, ey?

Our food came and it sure looked yummy. Here's what we ate, beginning from the Mezedes:


Skordalia and Melitzana served with Pita Bread

(Greek translation: puree of potatoes, garlic & lemon and roasted smoked eggplant sprea)


They were best served warm. Perfect with the dips

I always love the lemon twang in my food, just like how I enjoy most of my meals extra (black) peppery.


Our mains arrived and oh lookie here, a candid picture of me squeezing the lemon!


Lo and behold, get ready for some food porn! 😛

Our mains are as follows :


Soutzoukakia,Marithes and Chicken Souvlaki

(Greek translation: tomato salsa meatballs, white bait and marinated chicken skewers)



It was so nommy! I loved the meatballs – it was so juicy and rich in flavour. Massive too!

The white bait was more like Malaysian 'ikan bilis' to us LOL talk about familiarity 😛


And the chicken skewers was simply fabulous

Reminds me of grilled chicken satay, back in Malaysia – only yummier!


Kalamari, Keftedes & Loukanika

(Greek translation: Calamari, ground beef mince patties & spicy lamb sausages)



The fried calamari was absolute yum and so were the beef patties!

But I didn't really like the sausage, Grace liked it though. She said it tasted like Taiwanese sausages.


Ok since I'm always smiling and readily posed in most of the photos posted up in my blog, below is a rather unglam photo for you to see. Bleh.


It's me nomming – I don't know what it is – looks like the meatball to me.





Also, we had potato crisps served with our meals too. Just the way I like it –

salty crinkle-cut types! 😀 😀 😀 which is probably why I love Cottage Fries so much.


Hand chopped patates crisps


All's well, end's well.

We had a great catch up lunch and shopping in Melbourne Central followed thereafter 🙂


thanks Olive Grove, for a deliciously good time! 😀


Now I know where to get good Greek food. Here, in Richmond!

There's more Hellenic cuisines in Melbourne city too… and in Oakleigh. Heaps of them 😀


Once again, cheers to friendship unexpectedly brewed from an 8 hour plane ride


We click so well that it's not even funny 😀 Now that's why I love flying…

…for you'll never know who you'll meet during a flight!