I know this seems strange that you're gonna look at speeding race cars and grid girls from a girls blog. Not that you haven't before in my previous posts, but hey, you know I was never really into all the girly stuff, sugar, spice and everything nice kinda stuff 😀


Anyway! Another sequel of my adventures in Singapore during the weekend!


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My entry pass for Saturday! This is where life began for me on a fine Saturday morning


Thanks to Maxis & Lotus Racing for the sponsor 😉




That day began early for me, after having my favorite Old Chang Kee curry puff from the store (try it OMG it's unlike any other currypuff I've tried!) I headed off to the Circuit Zones 🙂


Here is a Porshe exhibition with some grid girls in tight outfits prancing around in their killer high heels.



Very pretty Porshes, but I don't fancy them too much compared to my undying love for Ferraris 😀 😀




Another one driving past during the Porshe Carrera Cup Asia Race practice



Fast forward to the night, FINALLY!


It was all about red hot Ferraris.



This is one sexy mean machine


(sorry was really dark. Forgotten to lug along my flashgun!)



It was an exclusive on-track program managed to raise $378 200 in US Dollars for the Presidents charity track parade. It was by Ferrari Owners Club Singapore and there were 25 owners participating altogether!



When I'm much older, more capable & more successful, I swear I'm getting a Ferrari.


Mark my word.




Okay, pretty pretty sights I saw during dinner! The Singapore Flyer in all its glory 😀



I remember spending an entire day up there with the boy a few months back


We're going again soon!



Are you ready for the speed demons?


You better be!


It was a frickin' uphill task shooting all these speeding 360km/h cars. My first experience in shooting F1 race cars was during Sepang F1 Grand Prix : here!


Of panning, sweating, burst modes, smeared left eye make up 😛 These are what you'll get


 Renault – Robert Kubica!


BMW Sauber – Kamui Kobayashi


Virgin Racing – Timo Glock


 HRT – Christian Klien



And our top 3 champs!


Say hellllooooooooo to Fernando, Vettel and Hamilton 😀





Fernando Alonso!




Sebastian Vettel!




Mark Webber!




Throughout the race, I was constantly moving all around the whole grandstand to get a better view and a strategic spot!


Absolutely despised the metal cage barricading my camera from the sight. Yeah yeah, I know it's for safety precautions and whatnot, in case F1 pulls a Final Destination 4 on us in Singapore LOL But hey, it was very obstructive 🙁



Here I am stopping at one of the spots I managed to shoot the speeding cars


At the Curve 1 – where those speed demons turn the corner after the pit stop. Drift Drift Drift!



Another oncoming bright yellow Renault – Robert Kubica!



Lika bright yellow schoolbus ain't it?



Force India – Vitantonio Liuzzi


Mercedes GP – Micheal Schumacher




Red Bull Racing – Jamie Alguersuari








When I left the grandstand to catch my breath, I was stoked to see these extremely stilt-tall men playing their music – entertaining everyone around!


They were just strolling around the entire circuit zone with their musical instruments




There were many kinds of these people around


Below is one more that I managed to catch for a picture!



Poor fellow was struggling to run on his stilts to catch up with his clan

He's like a little lost sheep! 😛


Okay, back on the race tracks!


McLaren-Mercedes – Jenson Button


McLaren-Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton


SORRY the poor guy crashed! 🙁 Getting him kicked out from the race. Disqualified!


Here's Hamilton again, just minutes before he crashed. Damnnn!


Renault – Vitaly Petrov








I shall spam more piccies of Scuderia Ferrari's Fernando Alonso simply because I was rooting for him (and his sexxxy car) from the beginning till the end. Come on red hot speed demon!



Show the circuit who's boss 😀



Alright. I promise you won't see any more piccies of him hereafter 😛

(just in case you get sick of him LOL)


Well, being a new fan of F1, I haven't followed closely enough to recognize all the cars and especially their drivers yet. Thankfully my good friend Bart helped me out with the identification.

Cheers mate



Yes I do realize I look pudgy in the photo as I was trying not to block the logo above me


yet attempting to stand straight. So here you go, a not-standing-nor-squatting version of Jess




To save the best for last, Lotus Racing racecars!


The Lotus Team have been an excellent company being with us throughout the 3 whole days of F1. They were informative and patient in guiding us all around and all we needed to know!



I even got to enter the NO ENTRY zone which was the Pit Stop paddock! Watched how race cars were perfectly engineered from scratch as well. Bits and pieces of car parts were put together by those car technicians, mechanics and engineers. The amazing thing I wondered was how they still managed to look so good looking and well groomed despite having to crawl under cars and getting their hands dirty.


I even got to take over one of their jobs for a few minutes 😀 That's for another story in the next blogpost!



 Meet Jarno Trulli of Lotus Racing


Behind every winner, there is a dedicated team of workforce

And I know I played a teeeeeny weeeeny part of it for those precious few minutes of helping them do up the car!



So, somewhere, somehow if you scrutinize hard enough, you'll see which part I laid my hands on! 😀


"Golden touch" LOL




I had an amazing and an eye opening experience! 😀 Thankew Lotus Racing and Maxis.
Oh and I spotted a headless board so naturally, I felt an incessant need to place my head there and be in the shoes of a racer for once!



Say, I look like racer material, do I? LOL. Tell me I do look the part hahahhaa!




Me making a funny face on the right.



The hole was too tiny for everyone and lotsa people had a hard time putting their heads in. I had to just squeeze my face and ludicrous expression in that small hole! 😀