The title says it all! 😀

As you might've already known, this is our homegirl Amber Chia who brought Malaysia's name even closer to international stardom was when she succeeded as a finalist at the GUESS Watches Timeless Beauty Contest back in 2004. Since then, she hasn't looked back 🙂

She's been one of our most successful supermodels and even has her own model academy.


Here's one of the shots I took of her when I attended the launch of TOUGH Jeans in One Utama



I've know her personally for quite a long time already. Honoured! 🙂 She's a very soft-spoken lady and one of big dreams too. She's a nice person to talk to and never fails to flash her sweet smile when she recognizes anyone. All my love and blessings to you and your newborn son!


This camwhore shot was taken sometime early last year during an event by A Cut Above in Bangsar


Lately, Amber has also established a new PR Agency with another aspiring young entrepreneur, Xavier Mah. This brainchild of theirs is called AX Public Relations – short for Amber and Xavier Public Relations!



Xavier and I at Asia's Largest Hair Tattoo event last year


Their PR Firm is the newly appointed publicist for local celebrity Daphne Iking and has also rolled in lotsa projects. Good start, guys!


Oh and here's the highlight! She got hitched recently to a very loving dude named Adrian Wong and now guess what guess what!!




Despite having been through 9 months of pregnancy and giving birth in Pantai Hospital @ Bangsar,

this timeless beauty still glows! 😀 Au naturale. Dontcha think so?



Most women I see after giving birth has a tendency to look all sweaty, lethargic and pale.

But definitely not Amber 🙂


Sucha cutie. Her first son is yet to be named though.

And I really love this photo! Where got people still look so stunning after giving birth one?


Well. She  does. Without a doubt.

And, she's signed up recently with S2, a Slimming Center and is determined  to get back in shape!


Cos we all know what pregnancy and after-birth can do to one's body. Good move, babe

I'm sure you'll be back up and strutting the runway like the picture below once again in no time!



Here's one I took of her during last year's Estee Lauder model search.

She was one of the judges!



Congratulations once again to Mr. and Mrs. Wong an their lovely first son. Love him like you've never loved before! 😀

Can't wait to see him when he's grown up into a fiesty young toddler. Bring him out, okay? I wanna hug him!