I know there are heaps of Indian food in Malaysia, where I'm from.

But within the past 5 months in Australia, I hadn't had a single taste of Indian food… at all!


My tastebuds were beginning to have mad, insatiable craving for spicy, smooth curries and Indian roti & naans.


But Konzy beat me to it. At 4 o'clock in the morning, he suggested that we go for Indian food!



And we rounded up buddy his sister Jaime and buddy Alex to come along and join us πŸ™‚


Double date Indian style! Our food escapade awaits!

I ordered Mango Lassi – which Indian dinner is complete without the famous lassi?


It somehow tasted TOO yoghurt-ey πŸ™


We didn't take long to order our food although we were spoiled for choice!

Each of us ordered a different bowl of curry each, some rice and naan bread


Took pictures of the restaurant while waiting for the food


There was something about the decor that was authentically Indian about this outlet.

Heck they even played Bollywood music videos (as seen on the TV screen) and Hindi/Tamil songs too


Camwhored while waiting πŸ˜€


And yay the food arrived!

Here's my steaming Masala Kulcha naan, fresh off the oven


It had a whole lotta stuff in it, capsicums, onions and more!


The curries came shortly after πŸ™‚

Here are 4 of our curries that we shared amongst each other


Top row : Prawn Masala Curry & Beef Vindaloo

Bottom row : Chicken Tikka Masala & Bangol Chicken Curry


Looked so creamy, smooth and nommy!

I bet it'll taste just as good  – if not better


all ready to gobble them all up πŸ˜€



It was delicious, without a doubt! My favorite was the Bangol Chicken Curry.

the Prawn Masala Curry wasn't spicy AT ALL; where as the Beef Vindaloo which was spicy till my ears fumed LOL


Konzy and his sister Jaime engaging in an odd conversation about teeth and braces


This just keeps rubbing it in. I've always wanted to have braces done since I was 12 but was too afraid

And now when everyone has taken their braces off looking all pretty, I refuse to put them on NOW.


I don't wanna be a brace-face at 21! ;( Highly, highly unattractive.


Anyways, we ate and ate – till we were stuffed! My gosh, I swear I've never been THIS full since forever It was so yummy that we kept eating.


In the end, we didn't manage to finish the rice, naan and Beef Vindaloo!

Everything else was a brave attempt to chomp down whee


A very full & bloated us. Nommynomnom!


More camwhore pictures- in front of Out of India's huge mirror!


I'm glad we finally caved in to our Indian cravings.

The burn of the curry was good and its spiciness cleared up my nose πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Jaime and I – One for the road!






Next stop – another Indian ritual?

Woot woot! This was before I left for Sydney during the Easter Holidays πŸ˜€


Ana, Y U NO look at the camera properly one πŸ™ πŸ™

Anyway! We brought 2 of our white friends along and was tad worried they might find it too spicy

So to somewhat suit everybody's tastebuds, here's what we ordered!


Tandoori Chicken -(coincidentally, my fave!)


3 curries which I don't remember the names anymore LOL

Wrote it down somewhere but it decided to play some hide and seek at my displeasure


I know 2 of it were chicken and 1 of it was lamb.

And all 3 curries were pretty spicy!




But whatever, with every burn, I take another bite

You now how you can't take it but it's too yummy to stop? Summin' like that


It's finger lickin' good LOLOLOL


Here are the 2 white boys attempting Indian food –


Can you handle it?


Oh and here's my favorite curry among the three that we ordered.


But! I don't remember what it was called either πŸ˜›


So that was my gastronomic escape to "Little India"

Strangely enough, I have just realized that I don't eat enough Indian food whilst in Malaysia. I probably should!


Random camwhore photo! I was bored while waiting for them


Okay bye! *abrupt ending*

P/S : Indian food rocks. I'm game for it anytime!