Sorry I took a while to write this blogpost.

Was laden with assignments (still am!) but here's the post so stop bugging me about it already, rawr!


bring on the Greek goddesses 😛 😛


If you remember this preview post I blogged just before I headed to the party, you would kinda remember I had a similar picture to this:


except without Todd photobombing me from behind!


So as usual, my mates and I were having pre-drinks before the party

We decided to play King's Cup tonight.


Here's some of us! The rest had adjourned to the party already


I finished my bottle of Baileys and ran outta drinks in the midst of the party


LOL forcing drinks down Devin's throat and applying eyeshadow on him


Check out his sweet lavender eyeshadow bwahahaha!

Must be a dare or something


Anyway, back to the game.

The whole lot of us played and played, did hilarious stuff and when the final round came… I LOST THE GAME.


and had to drink the entire full King's Cup of the mixture of everyone's different drinks FML


That was NOT good 🙁

Nasty and it's a one way bottoms up without stopping

down to my last few sips… I hate this game! Ughh


And so I finished. Am actually surprised I didn't pass out or anything, seeing that I finished my own bottle of Baileys and had a few shots of bourbon before King's Cup.

I'm lasting longer than I thought! But my head was already very woozy


All my mates knew I was SO smashed and sub-conscious already


I initially couldn't give a rat's arse about going to Toga Party anymore for I was light headed and all I wanted to do was to sleep.

But then again, we were all dolled up, dressed up and looking our best to go already 🙁


So how can I just ditch the party?

Bleh. So I went ahead hoping to survive throughout the entire night


goodness gracious if I didn't change the lighting of this picture, I would look even more red and flushed


Hit the party in full swing


Don't remember this picture being taken nor who this person is


Sorry for blurry photos, tipsy photos aren't really the best

The DJs of the night!!! DJ Nick James and his special guest DJ

(blur photo again, I know)


By the drinks bar…. can't believe they still wanna drink some more!

I've clearly surrendered LOL


Make way for more tipsy shots.

Since I don't remember most parts of the night, let's see the drunk shenanigans roll –


With Benny!

He's lookin' all hyper here


With Laura Cook and someone's head popping up behind

She looked like a Chinese monk tonite!


With Kayla 😀

Two kitty fanatics… purrrr purrr meow!


With Konzy!

Still pissed drunk. Need some zzzzzzzz's


With Rowan!

He's looking all Sparta 300 tonight


With Laura!

Though I still don't get what's with the mouth drawings… but it's pretty cool 😀


Don't remember this photo! But it looks like we were on the dance floor


Outside on the uni deck with more mates in Togas!


Romans/Greeks in white!


With Cherie, Brittany and Laura


Deanna reminded me of Medusa that night!


Also don't remember this photo… AND WHY AM I HOLDING MY PASSPORT?


Back outside at the deck chilling


FINALLY. I remember this photo! 😀 😀

I think I managed to sober up by the end of the night. Phew!



From the photos, it looked like a fun party had broke free last Wednesday night!

It's a pity my only memories was from the pictures I have. Ohwell… one last themeparty to go next week:


GOOD vs. EVIL Bring it on!

Sigh. I KNEW I should've brought my devilish horns & pitchfork to Aussie with me