Had the bestest time ever with the homies – like we always do!

But this time round, they threw me a belated 21st birthday celebration in our all time fave spot, MOIS Penang

Had one of the most insane party nights of my life!

Having them around me makes me cherish the word friendship even more. We're here for each other in times of laughter, tears and even trouble. 😀 Watch this space for more crazy pictures of my birthday parteh!

Oh and hell to what I said about not getting hammered tonight. My ex-boss Selva of MOIS Penang bought me another Flaming Lamborghini in addition to our 2 bottles of Jack Daniels. Plus Minny & Tannie's never-ending Tequila shots too! 🙁 ohnoes!

ma gurlfriends

More to come in a few hours! Imma head of to gym now. Mom's honking outside the house now.. grr

Come back tonight okie? 🙂 Toodles!