This is one of the LONGEST matches ever that causes so much suspense!


Any predictions, Mr Google? πŸ˜€


Geez! But after all, it was the FINALE. So.. whaddya expect? So much torture! I'm pretty certain all the peeps at the World Cup street parties are prolly cursing under their breaths – SCORE ALREADY!! COME ON!! GOD FORBID EXTRA TIME!


LOL most people will be dragging themselves to work the next day just like zombies!

I know I will be happily sleeping in though πŸ˜›


Oh, ya know what's the funny part? Almost my entire gang of homies turned "traitors" for the night! Most of us were supporting Netherlands to beat Spain, yours truly included! Here's why we hated Spain in the beginning, they trashed our Germans! RAWR!


This Germany fangirl was so happy that Germany won 3rd placing for World Cup 2010

Mom will be proud too, she works in a German company!


5 AM in the middle of the road, what gives? πŸ˜›


But but but… when we all met up for supper at the beach, one of our mates brought only red and yellow body paint. What happened to the white, blue and red? DON'T HAVE! πŸ™




So how?? HOW?


In the end, we just caved in to the boys and supported Spain anyway… not just because of the face paint but also for  David Villa and Fernando Torres. Hunk alert! πŸ˜›


BFF and I πŸ˜€


Josh and I


Minny & I


Off we stormed to Sticks, Fire Bistro located adjacent to Queensbay Mall. Lovely place! We were diggin' the environment, the music, the crowd, the shisha, and most importantly the warm company


Hmm.. now that World Cup is over, WHAT DO I DO AT 2.30AM NOW??? πŸ™

It feels so different after an entire month!



Needs gettin' used to, methinks.





Result #esp 1 – 0 #ned


Whoops and before I head to bed and crash for the next 9 hours, I think we should all make a toast to South Africa for hosting a wonderful World Cup 2010! You did a really great job – sans the vuvuzela πŸ˜› They were amazing hosts throughout the entire month!

The ending was really pretty too, so much fireworks, flames, confetti and a fabulous display of a closing ceremony. If you had watched the entire trophy-giving part and the presentation as well as the aerial view of the entire stadium in Port Elizabeth, you would be awed too. πŸ™‚


Impressive πŸ˜€



WAKA WAKA! Tis time for Africa!


Brazil's turn next.. see you in 4 years time

(I know a bit sesat, Spain-painted face but Portugal jersey LOL)