Being the shopaholic I am, I'm always on the prowl to sniff out good shopping buys and bargains.

Some time back, I chanced upon this online retailer-marketplace-community driven website which has that and so much more!




The name speaks for itself, this online marketplace really IS friendly! :D

You sell, swap or give away your preloved clothes, shoes, accessories and make friends with similar fashionistas & shopaholics in the community as well! 


When you enter their website, this is what you will see before you begin your shopping spree!



So much awesome stuff on sale! :D:D


To see more, you can sign up to be a member by creating an account.

For me, I took the easy way and signed in via Facebook 🙂 No hassle!



I've added these to my 'favorites' list before I make my final decision!

Can you guess which 3 items I made mine? 😀


The purchasing process was easy peasy lemon squeezy!


All you have to do is click on the item you want and hit the 'I WANT IT!' button and you will be taken to the page where you can send a message the owner of the item.

Just tell her/him that you want it and if it's still available, you can be sure it'll be yours 😀


My experience with them was a very prompt response towards my queries and a smooth, fast transaction.


In less than a week, Mr. Postman rang my doorbell and I received 3 parcels!


I came back inside all excited! Can't wait to open 'em.

And thank you buddy Pammy for helping me take photos of me unwrapping the parcels 😀


Who doesn't love presents? 😀


Now, let's check out parcel #1:

A sheer, rock n' roll skull-motif sleeveless tee from Topshop!




Love it!


Wore it yesterday on a dinner date and shopping sesh with theboyfriend at Paradigm Mall!

Putting on my rockstar face for the day 😛 😛

Yeah, I had a haircut. Don't ask.

Shall blog about my nightmarish hair experience soon!



Now, let's check out parcel #2:

A fuschia heart-shaped pair of sunglasses!






Yay! How'd you like it? 😀 

It's absolutely gorgeous… I love it heaps. So chic!


The journey towards Straits Quay in Penang to attend Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012 was rather sunny.

So… what could be better than wearing your newest, funky pair of shades? 😉


They match my hair in some ways too 😀 😀 



Now, let's check out parcel #3:

A multi-coloured leopard short dress/long top!




Oooh wow! A lovely thank you note too 😀


I wore it during the press conference I attended in Penang

Although it was more of a summer beach colourful dress kinda thing, all I had to do to give it a corporate-trendy look was to slap on a chic blazer, pair it with a dark grey denim & a matching pair of kicks.


Lovin' the get-up! 


Those are only 3 items out of the amount of items the peeps on FriendlyFashion has got to offer!

How about you boys who keep whining about how there are so many online blogshops selling girls clothing/shoes/accessories but not mens? Well look no further, FriendlyFashion has a category for guys too.


Watch out, lads! I will be selling off an entire suitcase full of mens

clothing & accessories there soon! 


So you know what to do. JOM let's go shopping on a great budget $$$$$$$$

You can check them out on Twitter at @myfriendlyfash or head on to their website at


Happy shopping everybuddy!

Don't say I didn't share good buys :P