Who goes to Zouk KL on a Saturday AFTERNOON? 😀


Hehe. Lotsa people did last Saturday. So did I! Courtesy of Hotlink, I attended to Mizz Nina's album launch and press conference. Thanks! The highlight of the event wasn't just about our local lass… by now, you would've already known who jetsetted all the way from USA for this too


Ohmy. Yes it's Colby. Colby O'Donis!

The talented music maestro who collabo-ed with our local Mizz Nina



Upon reaching, the event crew was already all prepared at the registration table.


They were all very friendly and welcoming. Especially this guy! 😀

The goodie bags came with lotsa stuff too!



Among the other goodies such as huge posters and stickers, I loved the pair of funky headphones as well as the black blinged tanktop. It comes from Mizz Nina's fashion and merchandise line in fact. Will share more in a bit 🙂


Brass bangle + Red zipper headband from Soak Republic

Piccie moments with the awesome crew



With fellow blogger Hafiz by the photowall 😀  Thanks to Hotlink for inviting us!



Upon entering Zouk, I caught sight of something very interesting on display. As I walked closer, I realized that they were all for sale. Those were the MizzNina's fashion line and merchandise I mentioned earlier


There were CDs of her 'What You Waiting For' album….


There was travel sets! 3 pairs of apparel for a weekend holiday, methinks 😀



But what really made my eyes widen and jaw drop was this…



Gotta be one hell of a Swarovski item hehe



It began immediately when everything was up and ready with the crowd. Clad in a pink tight bodycon dress, Mizz Nina made her appearance. She greeted all of us and gave us a warm welcome.



I like her blonde streaks!



She then performed with Noh Hujan in a beautiful acoustic rendition. According to them, it was played LIVE for the very first time



when the MC announced that  "Mizz Nina is going to be performing with her *COUGHS LOUDLY*,"

there's no surprise that Noh and MizzNina are somewhat dating 😉



After they were done with serenading the audience with melodious strumming and strong vocals, it's the moment that we had all been waiting for… the LIVE performance of Mizz Nina and Colby O for their popular track 'What You Waiting For'

"Babeh! I've never seen someone witchur body~

You make me wanna get this party starteddd~"


"Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, babehh, babehhh~
Tell me whatchu whatchu waiting for~"



"Babehh, I never seen someone with your body~
You make me wanna get a little naughty~"


"Hey babehh come in get it it's all yours, babeh, babehh~
Tell me whatchu whatchu waiting for~"


The performance was superb! I never thought I would see Colby O and Mizz Nina sing and groove right before my eyes.


Here are 3 short 10 second videos I have to share with yall 🙂

Watch it one after another kay!








Their onscreen chemistry was just as good as that of their offscreen's. Coupled with the booming bass music, the lighting and the energetic back-up dancers, it was an outstanding showcase indeed!


They danced with each other too



From my observation throughout the entire day, Colby seems like a shy guy with very litte words to say.

But when he was onstage, he really shone like the stars! Just as charming as I thought he would be from all his music videos including the ones he was featured in for Lady Gaga's and Akon's video



Together, they busted their moves and tore up the party!

It got the crowd raving on hard too



I also loved the way Colby spins around during their dance 🙂




If you haven't already watched the aforementioned 'What You Waiting For' track, you totally have to. Three 10 second videos from me ain't enough! This is a popular favorite off the album



No wonder Mizz Nina and Colby told us that they really had lotsa fun during the shoot!

They really look like they did *wiggles eyebrows*



During the press conference, they also told us that they had it filmed in downtown Los Angeles Guess what? The location was dubbed a "secret location" and the both of them only knew where it was gonna be 2 hours before shooting 😀


Mizz Nina and Colby O illustrated juicy bits of their lives, their performance and their shared experience


Spilling the beans yo!

Did you know that 'What You Waiting For' was actually recorded separately? She recorded her vocals right here in Malaysia while he recorded his in USA. It was then sent to the producer to get it completely mixed and mastered.



When I asked them if they were going to have any future plans or further collaborations, they mentioned that they would like to

"concentrate on this joint and international effort first before taking a step further" 🙂


Colby expressed his love for Malaysia as well. The scenery, the lovely women, the friendly "family" vibe of us Malaysians and the spicy food! Woots! Glad you love it here 😀 Come back soon!


So, what was the experience like working with each other?

They shared with us that they only "met each other for the 1st time during the filming of their music video" and

"had a lot of fun" during the shoot



So the whole time prior to the music video, they've never met! But thanks to technology, the collaboration was made possible 🙂


Mizz Nina then officiated her album launch




We then proceeded outside along with them as it was time for some more photo moments against the photowall



Looking fine!



Their manager was nice enough to help me with this photograph despite being busy buzzing around. Thanks 🙂


Amidst the sweltering Malaysian weather! 😀



Had some outdoor shoots with them within the Zouk vicinity too



1..2..3.. POSE! 😀


Soon after, everyone got back inside for the round table session and to mingle with them over food and drinks.


We had a lil chit chat session going on and while Mizz Nina was being interviewed by some internet TV crew, I managed to speak to Colby O personally!! *swoons* We talked about the chain he was wearing as I was curious about the dragon pendant he had hung around his neck.

He also mentioned that he will only be staying in Malaysia until Sunday and will be leaving to Hong Kong after.


If you're reading this Colby, I almost died 😛 😛

Was a pleasure meeting you, I'm a big fan of your music and moves!



Remember the cute mini cupcakes I mentioned in this post?



Most of u were intrigued with the Mizz Nina cupcake


There were so so so so many of them. It came by the boxes! Lemme show you :


Teeny tiny sinfully yummy goodness! 😀



Hafiz and I enjoyed it thoroughly



By the time everything was over, we proceeded to leave the premises.

I had a huge shock for this was the first thing I saw!




And this was only half of the loooooooong line


Looks like they've got a massive fanbase here in Kuala-la-la Lumpur! 😀