Just reached home!


Courtesy of Astrolife, I was invited to attend Jason Derulo's concert. Goodness gracious, was stuck in a massive gridlock on the way to Dragonfly, Orange Club. This shows how popular he is among his Malaysian fans, ey? 😀 Even all the carparks were full before it began!

I remembered parking almost a hundred meters away and walked to the premises. Thank goodness for sneakers 😛


Iconography brass ring by Soak Republic

Me with my Jason Derulo single CD



Anyway, lady luck must've been on my side as Jason Derulo made his way upstage the moment I entered the club!

He was simply amazing and not to mention, sizzling hot 😀 Such an eyecandy.



Derulo dancing along to an excellent choreography of a performance with his back-up dancers



His smooth moves tore up the dance floor. The crowd was practically feeding off his brimming energy!

Everything about him as oh-so-awesome. Loved the way he sang all his popular chart-toppers, his less commercialized songs as well as performing his rendition on songs from other artists



ook okayy! That's all for tonight 😛



Stay tuned for the full coverage of the event tomorrow or so. Imma need to upload the video of his body pumpin' moves as well as filter out the rest of the event shots to share them with all of you! 😀

All in all, I had fun. Lotsa fun. Except for the last bit of the event where something dreadfully angered me. Find out soon