Heyya all! How was your weekend?

Mine went pretty damn fine, I'm back in Penang for the week! It's great to be cruising along your own familiar streets and routes you grew up being driven around in.

There's certainly no place like home.


On to today's blogpost!


Funny how I'm blogging about M.C Asia's AFTER-party before blogging about M.C Asia rave party itself

Shorter blogposts are always faster to write teehee!


Hence this came first, instead of some 200 photos of M.C Asia I shot & have to batch-edit

It's coming! It's coming!


Shot taken while raving at the dancefloor


My partypeeps and I came at the perfect time to watch the opening acts play!

When we came, we raved to two-thirds of local pulsating music force, TRIMIX :D


Droolette Tasha and Samuel Dan on the DJ decks!


MisterAriffin taking over!


Raving along to their progressive trance beats set the night well & left us wanting for more

I soon made my way to the VIP lounge and spotted Alex Morph and Sied Van Riel chatting over some drinks


Yup, that's Sied Van Riel with Alex Morph in Mist Club

Sied will be performing in Zouk Club the very next night, and we got to see him a day earlier! 


Chick Magnet cap? 😀

Alex M.O.R.P.H and I by the VIP lounge


Alex Morph setting up his Macbook & other equipment


ARE WE READY???????? 😀


The crowd was up and ready to go doof doof doof


Buddy Pam and I 


Another one of my rave kakis Reze and I on the dancefloor!


Le Housies on the party scene with me! 

Just realized buddies Ven & Cheez and I didn't take a photo together that night.


Look at his Macbook! Ubercute, no? 😀


Reminds me of Looney Tune's Woody Woodpecker …..


See? Told you 😀


Alex M.O.R.P.H two hour set was the shiznit


I recognized some popular Electronic Dance tracks he remixed too.

Alex kept the crowd going and I spotted a big group shuffling non-stop at the back.


Pam and I flanking big boss Luqman! 


And to end a fun Thursday night……..


Dutch Trance DJ & music producer Sied Van Riel of 'In Riel Time' fame and I 


That's all for today, goodnight all! 😀

Have a great working/schooling week ahead of you, lovelies