Ohhh finally!!! *jumps for joy*

Guess what, guess what, party peeps?


This red-head fan of Johnnie Walker Black Label is overjoyed because…..


I've just got word that JOHNNIE WALKER®, will continue their iconic and successful series of glamorous Black Circuit VIP race parties by launching the first event of its kind in my hometown, Penang!

It will be held on Thursday, 25th August at a secret location (hush hush!) to be revealed only a few days before the party! 


If you didn't already know, JOHNNIE WALKER® is

 the world's leading Scotch whisky and the #1 whisky in Malaysia 


Exclusively for loyal JOHNNIE WALKER ® fans, aficionados and society high flyers, the BLACK CIRCUIT PENANG will whisk guests into the luxurious lifestyle of international motorsport.

Here are some pics of the previous Black Circuit party :


Entrance to the party before it begins!

Get ready, raise your glasses, party people!

Nothing better than god-awesome music + a hot female DJ spinning at the decks

After everyone's pretty much pumped up with Johnnie Walker, time to hit the dance floor!


Now who's ready to party with me at JOHNNIE WALKER®'s Black Circuit party at the end of this month?

ZOMG I can't wait!!!! :D


I've always had my moments with JOHNNIE WALKER®, so much so that it brings memories! 😀


Whenever I'm partying, at least ONE bottle of Black Label will be on the table. 

Don't believe me?  Wanna see some of them? Pay attention to the bottle. Let the good times roll –


My 19th Birthday party


We'd down it all before you can say, ohmygawd! 😀


Last year's Merdeka party


My 20th birthday party


My 21st birthday party


Oh and here's a fun fact!

JOHNNIE WALKER® is the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership. 


Pretty damn sleek 


I've been quite the race junkie at Formula One races as well.

Apart from being dubbed the speed demon by my friends on the road, I could only wish to be just like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, both equally successful F1 drivers for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One ™ team.



Check out a screenshot I took of the Formula One press conference when I was down in Singapore!


That's Lewis Hamilton on the extreme right 


Who wouldn't wanna be them? They enjoy the fruits of  high-flying lifestyle.

Geez. How I wish I could experience it for myself. They live life on the fast lane – just the way I'd like to see my life as. Drifting, negotiating sharp corners on the race track, accelerating not only their cars but their adrenalin as well. (And not getting a speeding ticket for it LOL!)

Here's a picture of Jensen Button I shot at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix @ Marina Bay Street Circuit


And one of Lewis Hamilton at the Malaysian Grand Prix @ Sepang Race Circuit



Watch the video below! It'll pretty much give you a sneak peak on what you'll be expecting at the race party:




So how can I not adore and look forward to the Black Circuit Lounge party so much?

It's the time to celebrate – in style 



Oh and here's something important before I go.

Johnnie Walker® have always been encouraging people to stay in control, including joining the pact to never drink and drive (www.jointhepact.com). 


Responsible drinking is important to me as I personally feel we ought to do everything-including partying our hearts out- in moderation. There should be a limit to everything we do and drinking excessively will not only cause you to be a party pooper but it will also make you not remember what a blast you had the night before; that sucks big time! 🙁

Drinking responsibly will also ensure you're aware of your behaviour (or lack thereof) instead of "doing stuff" or other actions you might regret when you are sober.

To effectively get everyone to take the message seriously, I suggest that every group of friends/partygoers should make it a habit to appoint at least 2 people responsible for the night to watch over each other to not cross a limit of 4-5 standard drinks (a unit that measures the amount of alcohol in mililitres) and they should definitely be the ones driving. 


You don't wanna be known as the BAD DRUNK among your friends, right?

So be smart.


Plus, you'd get such a bad hangover the next morning and it will pretty much ruin your mood.

And yes, I speak from experience; never again! I've learnt it the hard way, so I'd like to advocate a message to all my fellow partygoers out there:


pretty please? 


Are you ready? You better be 😉 

Cos I'm all geared up ready to fire away! 


Also, while you're at it…

Join the JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page at facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia


Cheers & make sure I see you at the party!!