Remember my previous sneak peak post here about the Egyptian exhibition – Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of the Pharaohs? Yup yup, here's the sequel of it!

It all began when my buncha mates wanted to check out the exhibition held in Melbourne city. 


Many of us were interested and made vague plans on going, but only Konzy and I were keen till the very end.


We arrived Melbourne at noon sharp to have lunchies and visit the Melbourne Zoo

There were heaps of banners, posters, digital ads on the Tut exhibition everywhere in the city! 

I just couldn't wait to unearth the mysteries of King Tut

and oggle over those precious Egyptian artifacts 😀


Had a delightful Greek dinner with Konzy at the famous Greek precinct along Lonsdale Street and proceeded to the Melbourne Museum

Saw this awesome building within the museum vicinity!!


So pretty. Especially all lighted up 


Approaching the exhibition 


Also, I made a new friend.

Come on, be nice and say hello.


What? Being judgemental now, are we?

He's a man of few words; or none


Konzy made fast friends with him too 😛


*dramatic cue*

It actually did start with a thunderous rolling sound with a hoarse voice welcoming us to the exhibition of King Tutankhamun. 


Seriously, that recorded speech really hyped me up for what I was about to witness!


Okay, here are only a few pictures from the exhibition.

You absolutely must check it out with your very own eyes. I'm only giving you some sneak peaks to keep you on your toes in suspense for the real thing! 😀 


King Tut's family tree!


King Tut's mom and dad!


More head statues of Egyptian Royalty!


Pretty cool right?

There were a few rooms/sections depicting different eras of the Egyptian sovereignty.


T'was so interesting; I had my eyes fixated on reading up almost every single artifact!


Statues and hieroglyphics




The Gilded Coffin of Tjuya

And a close up of it!


🙂 so pretty!


Hello there! This is Horus, one of the ancient Egyptian gods/deities 

If you didn't already know, his eye is tattoo-ed on my left wrist 


Check out some of my favorite miniatures on display too!


I have the exact same thing in my room 🙂


Bought it during my trip to Universal Studios in Singapore!

I pretty much love all things Egyptian. 


pretty Ankhs! 


This is where the Egyptian royal females put their cosmetics and stuff


I love this!


The Egyptian empire's intricate details and carving really impresses me


Okay that's it! 

Although what I've shared with you is not even a quarter of all the exhibits and information, I don't wanna show you anymore, you really have to personally see it for yourselves and check out what's in store for you!

As though the Egyptian relics aren't already breathtaking enough, do also listen to the audio carefully (headphones) and you will be taken away into their world 


Last but not least, the eerie skeleton inside the coffin!


Rest in Peace 


A closer look at the body, anyone? 😀


I was pretty intrigued by how the skeleton was preserved


Konzy with the skeleton


Spent so many hours in there that I didn't even realize the time when we got out!

Konzy and I sorta both lost each other mid way during the exhibition because we were too carried away reading the info on the displays and scrutinizing all the cool Egyptian relics

LOL I got scared 'cos I was lost all alone in a huge crowd of strangers and a burly female security guard had me describe him. She managed to find him and asked him something like "Do you have a lost Asian girlfriend?"


WTF "lost Asian"

Geez thanks. I felt like a little lost boat person already. -__-


Thank you King Tut (and your clan) and National Geographic for bringing us a good time!


The exhibition runs from April 2011 until mid October. So you still have time to catch it

You can book your tickets at


I bought heaps and heaps of Egyptian souvenirs for myself and thefockers.

The merchandises were amazing, can't wait to put 'em up in my room! 


I went home a very happy girl