As we speak, I'm sitting at my laptop to reply some emails and doing some workies as usual, but tonight, is a very special night indeed.

Lo and behold, what did I see? 


I was in awe, while gazing at view of the ethereal Supermoon from my window!

It was magnificent. I quickly whipped out my camera gear without thinking. 

Out comes my DSLR and 200mm telephoto lens!


How could I resist?


7 May 2012 Supermoon 


7 May 2012 Supermoon 


7 May 2012 Supermoon 


Oh and.. here's a HDR shot I did of tonight's Supermoon. Enjoy!


Supermoon from my window


As of tonight, the 7th May 2012, the biggest full moon of the year peaked and shone 30% brighter than usual due to its close passing to the Earth. 

Lovely. I'm really glad I managed to catch the significance of tonight! 😀


Because of a fluke of orbital timing, the full moon of May peaked

just as the moon was passing its perigee, the closest point to Earth of its orbit.

The result was the biggest full moon of the year, which NASA and

other scientists nicknamed the supermoon of 2012




You could say I'm quite a fan of giant full moons, here's my previous blogpost about the moon I shot one Autumn night last year back in Australia.

Should probably lay a rug in the middle of your lawn right now and admire the moon in all its splendour when you still have the chance! 


Alright, back to work now 🙂

Have a great week ahead lovelies!