Ohai! Hope your weekend was just as exciting and eventful like mine was, if not better!

Today imma introduce you my little one. No, I did not go into hiding for 9 months and produce an offspring.


Born 7th June 2011

My 5 month old American Curl x Ragdoll kitten


BabyChivas, would you like a glass of Chivas on the rocks?


Many question the reason behind his name. It is Chivas, named after the 1st blended Scotch whiskey that introduced me to the world of partying and drinking, Chivas Regal. Behold the wonder:


Ohai. We meet again.


So yes, hence the name Chivas. Also because I wanted to name my furkid after a two-syllable alcoholic beverage but other brand names didn't seem to cut it for a name of a cat.

I'm pree sure you would've known all about Chivas if you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook.


Here we are at Old Town White Coffee for dinner 🙂


Monday blues begone! Imma spam you with photos of my kittyboy today. Okay? 😀 😀


Adorable one


My 1st day bringing babyChivas home!


In case you were wondering how a 5 month old kitten can be so big, it's because of its breed.

It's a purebred American Curl with a Ragdoll for its mommy. It took the traits of its father, an enormous cat.


Cradling babyChivas


Got him for a fair bit of a price but he's worth everything to me now.

One of the reasons why I chose Chivas from its entire litter of siblings, is because he magically winked at me


And I managed to catch it again!!!!!!!! He only does it to me though 😀 😀 😀 


My one and only kittyboy


Brought him back to granny's place and there were dogs around so.. IN THE CAGE YOU GO! 😀

For your own safety, boy 


I hate it when he's eyes/pupils get tiny (direct sunlight) cos it makes him look a tad bit creepy


See what I mean? Creepy.

Btw, check out his ears. Total curly-eared trait from daddy American Curl!


Talking to Chivas before bedtime


Bought him a red toy shark to play with!


Who's my prim and proper kitty?


Just chillin' on the sofa


Ready to pounce? 😀






Just fooling around


How can you not love him?


Coming from a family who despises cats, thefockers instantly warmed up to babyChivas – faster than I thought they would! Granny and mom hates the living daylights of felines; warning me never to bring him back.

But knowing my rebellious nature, I did anyway. And guess what???


Woohoo 😀 😀 See? If you give everything a chance, it will turn out great!


Nommy!!! 😀


No mouse for this computer, cat.


Outing with kittyboy at Desa Park City with my mates 😀

Yippee yay for pet-friendly zones! 


Another outing!


Looking out the window


Although I look dreadful in this photo, babyChivas

looks simply adorable so I just HAD to post it up


Shocked expression LOLOL


Watching TV together


babyChivas being sucha baby!


I'm blessed to have housies that equally love and adore my kittyboy.

In fact, they do help me with disciplining him when he destroys our cables/wires by gnawing on them


Housie Edwin – Chivas' merciless discipliner, Uncle Edwin 😛


Housie Darryl – Chivas' affectionate & pampering Uncle Darryl





Funny how we brought Chivas over to buddy Venessa's house to befriend her cat, Whiskey.


Chivas & Whiskey's 1st meet …….. didn't go well 🙁




Whiskey & Chivas not playing with each other


Chivas can be quite a whiner sometimes.

Especially when he wants more attention or food 😀 😀




That's when mommy cajoles you 


Happy now?


He's sucha child sometimes.

Well he should be, he's only 5 months old (4 months, at time of the above photo)


Just like me, I love how he can sleep instantly anywhere he wants

This was taken while he was keeping me company on my roadtrip to Ipoh!


Or just on my lap while I'm busy with work


Or over-exposed & vulnerable on the bed

Or in my arms like a baby!


Although I don't sleep with babyChivas, we do take naps together


Jessicat and her kittycat off to catch some zzzzzz's 😀




Smile for the camera!


When I figured I was bringing him out with me all the time, I thought I'd just get a kittybag for him


So he can follow me whenever and wherever!


Another random photo:


Looking all serious and shizz


Also recently bought a kitty tee for him too!

Look who's a handsome boy now?


Lookin' all smug


But still adorable nonetheless


Cuddly kitty! 


Oh and, you know what randomly came to my mind as I was choosing kittytees for him?

The fact that we always watch him poop – cos it's interesting to watch to be honest LOL


So.. no watching ey? Can we take photos instead? 😛 😛


POOP! You're on candid camera!


Oh, speaking of candid camera, you should totally see Chivas after showering. 

HE.LOOKS.RIDICULOUS. And extremely scrawny!



Wet cat 


BabyChivas snoozes a lot during the day but is tip-top alert during the night




BabyChivas can be quite an intellectual kitty too.

Whilst I was slaving away at my assignments and exams, he just loves coming over to me and sitting there to keep me company. Sometimes even walk up and stare or sit on my notes!


Heh. Excuse me


Thanks for the offer, sweetheart, but I don't think I can trust you to give me a Distinction for my assignment


Microsoft Word kitteh


Another random huggable kitty photo of him


Better than any huggable plush/soft toy! 

Also, like clockwork, he mews softy and squeaks whenever he is being squeezed hehe!


Cuteness overload. Mommy and everybodeh loves you!


So there you have it. An entire post about my furkid.

Photo credits to housies Darryl & Edwin and my iTouch

Ain't he a celebrity cat? 😛 So many people wanted to meet him already for the past 1 month ever since I tweeted and Facebooked him to the world! 😀 😀 One day, just maybe one day, I'll bring him out partying with me to meet his muse, Chivas Regal LOL


I was joking 😉

Great week ahead peeps!