Who would crawl out of their bed at 7am on a Sunday morning? That person is in serious need of a tranquilizer!
Yes, I am that deranged. *yawn*

We began our hike for what seemed like hours and I was panting already.

Me: “Are we halfway yet??”
Sim: “Huh? From that station over there, *points at a distance*
           is where all the fellow hikers are supposed to start”
Me: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So yeah. We went ahead and holymotherearth, it was freakishly steep!
Not to mention the amount of moss and webs that got stuck in inimaginable parts of my hair and clothes. I was drenched in my own perspiration from head to toe and it was practically trickling down my forehead! Sweating profusely, all I wanted then, was my bed!

Look at this! I’m not the only one exhausted!

I was climbing on all fours when the angle reached 60degrees steep.
The irregular pathway did not help – AT ALL. I was desperately trying to catch my breath and this was what happened:

Sim: “Are you tired yet Jess?”
Jess: “*shoots a sinister glare at Sim* oh… no. I’m perfectly fine. So very fine”

Sim: “Isn’t this the best day of your life? *grins sarcastically*”
Jess: “Well Sim, thank you SO MUCH for making my day even better. *rolls eyes* Let’s climb Mt. Everest tomorrow.”

When we reached the peak, I was indeed thankful. So very thankful in fact. Hey. I did not collapse to the ground like I had envisioned myself to. Oh well, I’m proud of myself! Not bad for one who had her last actual hiking experience 3years ago in a Jamboree.

Malaysia Jessica boleh!

And now… should I go and have some McD big breakfast set, since I never get to wake up in time for it?
No. for that would defeat the purpose of this morning’s torturous misery!!!