Woot woot!

Last night was amazing 🙂


So the whole lot of us went up to Traralgon by taxi and joined in the festivity of St. Pat's Day!

There was a sweet promo too, buy a glass of Guinness draught and get this awesome pawesome hat


I'm loving it! 😀 😀


I'm proud to say that the St. Pat's day celebrations in Malaysia are also just as well-celebrated in full scale just like it is here – and probably other parts of the world too :) There was so much merriment in the club!

Just the way it should be



Traditional Irish songs were played by a live band on stage as well

They belted out renditions of various acoustics, non-traditional songs and even modern pop culture ones too


Okay since I'm rushing my E-Journalism assignment research and writings now, this is gonna be a quick one 🙂

So… ta-daaaa! Party pictures with my mates from last night. Enjoy!







After downing some drinks and partying it up a bit, we headed up to Saloon where the real mad-arse party is.

Burn the dance floor with our heat!!









Partied till wee hours of the morning… till the doors of the club shut!

The girls' feet were aching due to our vicious high heels, but ohwell… I took them off and parked them by the stage to make sure I could really party the night away. Shuffle babehhh shuffle!


But poor Bardha!

Her feet hurt beyond madness while wearing her superhigh brand new stiletto pumps


Shot while waiting for the cabbie to take us home


Once we headed home, some of them knocked out back on their beds, the others cooked Mee Goreng for supper, and some of us stayed awake doing our assignments, studies and reports. LOL what a ironic way to end the night! 😀

Crashed at South 9 for the umpteenth again for the night. I swear I live there already haha. Goodnight all!