If I haven't been getting enough of parties, you know you won't stop seeing all the party pichas roll in every week!

If you remember from my previous posts on Beach Party and Back to Skool Party, themeparties rock my world 🙂


So what's the theme for this week?


Go figure!


Okay, it's probably not a good idea to ask you because ya'll would know just by reading the title of this blogpost!

Think bright, think colourful, think neon… for it's FLURO PARTY!


With Cleefy and Devin 🙂


So we got round together a few hours before the party to dress up, make up and get ready!

Yup, make up… you heard right, even for the guys 🙂 More of… face painting and neon hairspray haha


Alex began to draw tribal sleeve 'tattoos' on his arm with Orange fluro paint (top left)

I helped Mossy draw his face with a bright green Zinc Stick (bottom right)


Of course, when the party strikes, you'd be certain to see lotsa cross dressers 😛

But all in the name of fun of course.


Check Devin out. He figured that cross-dressing as a ballerina would be great for the lulz I reckon!


Watch out! The fluroscent green ballerina is out to getcha!


So we continued painting ourselves with fluro colours, wearing the glowsticks and doing our hair…

Kayla stuck highlighter post-its on herself and one on me LOLOL


We're almost ready to rock up the party 😀

More of the rest came over and we had a few shots and skulled our drinks just to get things kickin' up

As it was raining, Erin brought her brolly along. Although I'm not sure if the umbrella was part of her props for the party, or really to shelter us from the rain! 😛 😛 It works both ways so yeah haha


I'm all set and ready to go!

No rain can dampen my spirits… ever ever ever!


So off we ran to the MUGSU lounge under the rain and braced the cold wind to the heat of the party…



Turn it up! Turn it up! Mash it up!

It ain't the end of the world!


Party like, like it's the end of the world!


It was insane how there were so many people tonight and we had all the lights turned off to make our neons and fluros really stand out!


This is only part of the crowd


It was a night of mayhem… but the party has just begun!


I like how my nails match my fluro pink top 😉


Honestly, I've never been this pink before. I was pretty pink all over… from head to toe

Pink had never been my colour… it was always red. But red doesn't exactly fall under neons so yeah.


Love ma mates heaps



Don't stop! Make it pop!

DJ blow my speakers up tonight!


Oh and this is Milly, one of my rezmates 🙂

She loves to prank me for no good reason and I'm usually very gullible to her trickery


I was having really horrid nightmares for the past few weeks (she didn't know) but she had to tell me that there was a dead body in one of the unoccupied rooms next to mine. And that security had just found it the night before.

I almost cried and suddenly it all made sense as to why I had been "disturbed" by nightmares. Turns out it was a joke ;(



Anyhoozers, digression over.

Back to the party! 😀 😀



Have a drink with me! And let's make tonight go down in history!~



After a few hours hitting the dance floor and sweatin' it all up, it was time to take a breather at the decks.

But I reckon it's no chill pill outside because the party is still ongoing



Popping bottles till we can't stand!

We keep it rockin' till 6AM!



Even our fave security guard Antonio was feeling the heat! 🙂

His uniform is naturally fluroscent orange so yes, he is STILL very much part of the party haha



Back inside, Bardha took me for a spin with some Tequila shots

Ohnoes! Gulp gulp gulp


1…2..3… bottoms up!



When we drink we do it right gettin' slizzard


Sippin' sizzard in my ride, like a three six

Now I'm feeling so fly lika G6!




Towards the end of the night, we were all still pumped up

There were so many glowsticks and glowballs on the dancefloor that we picked up most of it LOL


LOLOL while dancing, Kon tied me up with the neon orange bow lika present

I think I look like a gift box now haha!



As always, the party ended on a high… full swing ahead

Goodnight folks 😉

Tonight, Imma fight!

Till we see the sunlight!

Tik tok on the clock

But the party don't stop no! (I wish it didn't!)