LOL I've titled this blogpost as such because I've been having lotsa people – readers, family, friends alike – all asking me this very same question.

So Jess, how have you been in Australia? What have you been up to….. BESIDES PARTYING?


They just *had* to insert that last bit, didn't they? 

the morning after partying!


Haha but I don't blame you guys… clearly, I've been partying my arse off till the sun rises but ironically, this girl here hits her studies twice as hard as she parties.

Yup! mark my words, I am VERY, very, very serious when it comes to my academic progress despite appearing to be on the heat of parties all the time (of which I don't deny). I have been this way since high school – I fancy bad-ass fun but likewise, I fancy beaming at potential High Distinctions on my grades too πŸ™‚


Me and my girls at South 8 on rez


Yup, we're taking a break from partying one wednesday night and hit up our books till the wee hours of the morning.

Studying and typing furiously at our assignments over coffee, tea and some Oreo Cheesecake I baked πŸ˜‰


What else have I been up to? So much more you can't imagine.

Oh and if you have to know, I put my Chicken and Mushroom pie in the  microwave and completely forgot to take it out.

goodness gracious! My burnt lunch one Friday afternoon


Also, disregarding the fact that I took an epically long shower until my lunch got burnt, I have also been up to some gastronomic fun! If you've been following my tweets, you would know that I have been cooking up a storm and baking some nomnoms frequently. 

Yes, I have a new hobby now! Cooking and baking.


And by cooking, I don't mean microwavables nor instant food that come in packets.

I was referring to REAL food cooked from scratch and proper, scrumptious feasts! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ oh joy. A whole blogpost dedicated to that soon!


Also, I have been a hardcore game freak 


As Pokemon Black & White has just been launched in Australia last week, buddy Kon and I headed up to Traralgon to buy our much anticipated game! He's playing Pokemon White while I took Pokemon Black.


this was shot on my 2nd day of the journey.

As we speak, I have just acquired the 7th Gym Badge and my team of 6 are now level 45.



Yup, rekindling childhood has never been better!

The last time I actually gamed for 7 hours straight was when I was a child of 10.


And now, fast-forwarding through a decade… a young lady of 21


So.. what else besides gaming, cooking & baking, studying and partying?

Nothing really. Hmm.. watching movies and perhaps some sexytimes πŸ˜› LOL kidding


The checklist pinned up on the noticeboard in my West 32 rez. Rather interesting, no?

My housemates and I are equally as insane!


Anyway, back to some seriousness.

I've just fnished my E-Journalism assignment last night… which is due in 4 days! Yipppee.

BUT I've just only started my Cultural & Communications Policy essay of a 1000 words today. Yikes. 




Which means…. I've gotta run!

Need to continue my research on this assignment πŸ™‚


I hope I've answered your question πŸ™‚

Tooodles! xx