“Okay, whatever that makes you happy, mom”

Happiness is subjective. To what constitutes happiness, is something you and I can’t exactly define. Bingo?

Perfect. But what I deem as happiness, is more than what it takes to make you smile. Happiness is bliss! It’s moments when you feel like life is a bed of roses.


Writing this right after waking up to the steady pace of his heartbeat made me glow even more with joy.. it harbours inspiration. Last night wasn’t a dream after all. The people that matter most were there for me all night to divide my grief and disperse my pessimism in times when I needed more than a shoulder to cry on.

Yes, you read right. Last night, the people that makes my world go round, made my world span an even bigger sphere with a surprise visit

Somehow, they knew something uncanny was up with me; I was very un-me and down in the dumps the whole afternoon & evening.


They could sense that.

These awesome peeps have always been there to upturn my frown with their whimsical idiosyncrasies, as usual. With their mere existence; I knew I was no longer alone. After being all ears to my predicament, we gradually moved from chatting to playing around and laughed ourselves silly with my webcam.



Oh, and despite being miles away in Kay Elle, another one of my besties, Carter, video called us, the whole motley crew made it double the joy! Strangely, he jokingly wanted a makeover and we toyed around with Photoshop:


After the plastic surgery, we think he resembles Jim Carrey

It only seemed like yesterday, when we stayed up until wee hours of the morning to finish his farewell video. A parting gift, sincerely from us all, of fantastic memories within the pages of our life.

Here it is dear readers, exclusively on the front page on my blog.



“When the dog barks, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel…….. so bad”


—adapted from my favourite musical, The Sound of Music


Fragments of my favourite things makes the stormy nights clear again:

It’s everybody’s burfday to sum up the year with my family!
All of our burfdays in one!


Wacky moments – psychopath escapees

Paintball with de gang! Where Paintball turns to PAINball

Combined Cookout! Battle of the chefs.. muahaahhaa

The happy moments of hearing her 1 year old grandson’s coo all the way from Indonesia
I’m happy when she’s happy. My kakak – 16 years of my life with her (I’m 19 now)


Every annual Christmas with 2 of my closest couzzies ever!

The eccentric nature of dear ol’ Uncle Mike

Of how tiny lil pets can bring peculiar amusement & joy to my Godmum
Even happier, It’s our 10th year anniversary f.y.i!

And with these (and so much more!) I know I will always count my blessings and only my blessings from now on. I have every reason to be happy; I hereby acknowledge this. Thank you, Happy ™ 🙂 . If it wasn’t for you peeps motivating me to write this, I would still stay as emo as I have always been.

Jess – Then

Jess – Now

Muchas Gracias Happy™ 🙂 !

Happy - Happy Moments

“Life is like a box of chocolates”
Forest Gump


I swear by that now!

Anyway, after bidding our bosom buddies goodbye, Benj and I continued the night with a midnight movie – 27 Dresses. It was just perfect for us to watch! If it was anyone I’d watch it with, it’s gonna be him, for he’s not only the best boyfriend ever, but also doubles as my best friend.

Fun moments never cease with us together!

I’m not gonna spoil your fun by telling you the storyline.. but hey, it evokes ALL your emotions!


I was enraged I laughed I cried
and in the end, I was moved.


It was such a sweet movie to watch together.
It made me feel as though I was on cloud nine. Just the lil fuzzy feelin’, ya know what I’m talking about? Makes you really wanna sing! Nothing can spoil your day


Our happy moments – priceless
Where the sun shines 24/7


And guess what? To add the icing to the already beautifully decorated happycakes, it was our anniversary yet again! I enjoyed our weekend & the lil trip to Penang Hill hunny

Here’s to our 3years + 5months of love & adoration!

Happiness is addictive, Joy is doubled when shared by all
Speaking of which, I’mma go perpetuate my happiness now!


It’s gonna blow!!!



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