It has been two years since the day we decided to get together on that one, fateful Autumn evening at the bus stop in Morwell, deep in countryside Australia. 

Waiting for the bus to go home after an insane night of partying, he, unperturbed by the weather, was decked out in his coat while I was braving the cold in my biker jacket.  I said yes.

We had been seeing each other for several weeks

and kinda-not-really-but-maybe dating for another few. 

Our mates frequently asked if we were an item already, but we kept insisting we weren’t.

Honestly, guys! We were really not at that point of time when you all asked! I swear! surprise

Geez, must people really put a label on a boy and a girl if they’re going out – even casually?

Until now, I never would have foresaw that the boy who was only supposed to be my summer fling, ended up being my boyfriend for the next two years.

I left Australia to return to Malaysia after less than a year. Thinking that we would never make it, we attempted a Long Distance Relationship for a few months.

Several months later I flew to Australia to celebrate his birthday with him… and had to leave. Again. 

At the beginning of last year, he flew to Malaysia for me to continue his studies with me in Monash University. The rest, as they say, was history.

Hold on, while I shed a tear in reminiscencecrying

So how was our two years in a nutshell? Hmmm.. we tend to fight a lot, especially last year. 

But apart from that, we had a lion’s share of amazing adventures, sweet moments and great times together. yes

Somehow, I noticed we don’t fight with each other as often as we used to anymore.

Probably because we grew more tolerant to each other’s very different antics, and more patient to each other’s little quirks.  devil


It has been a blast on this rollercoaster ride with you, boyfie.

Among the stuff he likes to bully me with – photobombing my selfshots. Pffftt. indecision

 But hey, I don’t really mind a random angmoh pulling ugly faces behind me. 

So, what did we do on the eve of our 2nd year anniversary?

We looked through at the photos of our 1st year anniversary celebration together… AND LAUGHED SO MUCH AND PRETTY MUCH FACE-PALMED SCROLLING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ALBUM.

Ohmygoodness. Was I really that fat last year? Geez.

He says his hair looks terrible. But hey, I liked the mohawk though!

So can you guess, by looking at that tall and white stem of a tower, where we decided to have our 1st year anniversary celebration?

No prizes for guessing though!

It was none other than one of Malaysia’s iconic landmarks – the KL Tower.

The sun was merciless when we arrived at the foot of the tower in the mid-afternoon!

I know I haven’t shared the photos from last year’s anniversary on my blog yet, which makes this the perfect opportunity to post them along with the photos of this year’s anniversary.

Can’t wait to see how much we’ve changed in a year! devil You ready? Let’s go!

Circa April 2012

So here are the whole batch photos from our 1st year anniversary dinner date together at Malaysia’s highest restaurant – 282 metres above the ground.

We were sight-seeing the entire city skyline of KL during sunset in the evening and when dusk set in, we adjourned for a scrumptious buffet dinner + drinks atop the Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower.

We were then ushered to the elevator that took us to the Observation Deck

Hurrah! devil We have arrived the top!

We had fun pointing at our favorite malls, restaurants & clubs and also tried to guess which condominium building was ours from all the way up here. 

Look how lovely KL City looks from up here during the evening sunset!

Digressing a bit now, but I just had to say this LOL

Boyfie used to suck so badly in photography especially when he used my DSLR; which usually left me fuming whenever he took photos of me. Case in point, as follows:

An original, unedited photo I took of him.

An original, unedited photo he took of me. indecisionfrowncryingangry

Yeah, thanks.sad Looks like I’ll be heavily editing this photo if I want to fix it!

Many shots later, I gave up and decided to use this off-focused but well-composed one.

But that was last year. This year, he actually takes relatively good photos with my DSLR now! laugh

After guiding and teaching him how to use my DSLR, he practiced using it for a year and eventually got the hang of it. yes I’m so proud. Will be showing you this year’s anniversary photos in the second half of this blog post shortly below okay?

When we had enough sight-seeing, we took the

elevator up again to the revolving restaurant, Atmosphere 360

Took a seat at our table. We made sure it was reserved beforehand! wink

(Look how horrid the shot is! Sometimes I wish I could lug my tripod everywhere instead of depending on people)

My view while waiting for boyfie to return from his hunt at the buffet spread

Hmm.. looks like he’s having a good hunt as he still wasn’t back yet.

The sun had almost disappeared into the horizon completely; paving the way for nightfall to set in.

Now, it’s my turn to prowl the buffet spread and return with my bounty.wink

At the carving table, the chef sliced a piece from a giant slab of roast for me

Over at this table were fresh seafood. I loved the prawns!

The salad bar! I went bonkers over this like a famished rabbit LOL

One of my favorites from the buffet line – the Zucchini & Tomato Pasta Bake!

Something from the Asian line up.

One of my usual picks for Balinese delights – Satay wrapped around lemongrass stalks!

Despite being no cheese aficionado, I do appreciate fine cheese every now and then.

Roast baby potatoes in cherry tomatoes, capsicums and herbs.

Looks rather simple, but sometimes, the most delicious do come in the simplest form!

The dessert table. Can anyone say… CAAAYKES!! devildevil

There was a wide array of food selection offered but alas, I could only manage to shoot a few as I was really hungry by then and I didn’t wanna keep the hungryangmoh waiting LOL.

Sorry guys! frown  But this gives you all the more reason to go and check out Atmosphere 360* for yourselves, yes? wink

Dinner begins!

If you happen to be staring at my mess of a plate, don’t judge. I was hungry. HAHAHA

We were serenaded with love songs by a pianist and a vocalist

We enjoyed our buffet dinner in this spaceship-like atmosphere and starry fiber optic ceiling lights

I’m in outer space, baby! devil

Admiring the breathtaking sights of my city at night

Another view when the restaurant revolved to another side of KL city

After dinner. We spent some time chit-chatting reminiscing and taking photos of ourselves LOL

Thank you, Atmosphere 360 for making our anniversary dinner so spectacular heart

If you want to dine here too, check them out to place your reservations at Atmosphere 360’s official website

I was also surprised with a beautiful bouquet of red roses when I got home

(looks rather withered as I only took this photo a few days later lol)

So there you have it… our 1st anniversary dinner that we celebrated last year.

Exactly a year later, the 2nd milestone sneaked up behind us before we even realized what had hit us! 

The week before our anniversary, we were all like:

“So what are we going to do this 1st of this month?”


After some discussions and dishing out restaurant names that we’d like to try, we finally agreed on this lovely, hilltop one.

Award-winning restaurant : The Hill @ Damansara Heights

Approaching the restaurant already set the mood for a romantic and enjoyable evening ahead of us. 

Looks beautiful from down here, doesn’t it?

We then climbed a flight of stairs that led us to the restaurant and obviously didn’t miss a chance to take some photos along the way up.


Me on the steps; by the signage of The Hill

I love this photo! 

Guess who took this perfectly composed, precisely focused and well-angled shot?

Yup, it’s the same person who, a year ago, caused me so much frustration whenever he takes photos with only half my head in the frame, focused on a plant behind me/random passer-by in the background or a shot so dark one can only see my teeth. indecision


All awesome photos of me in this blog post are credited to my boy, Konzy.heart

(P/S: I’m not saying I’m awesome or that I look awesome,

I’m referring to how great the shot/portraiture itself was)

Without wasting further time, we adjourned to the top!


Konzy and I by the balcony patio

I took a quick walk around the entire restaurant to shoot some photos of the interior, concept, layout and decor.


Al fresco dining area and bar

Another part of the dining area, kitchen counter and the stairway leading to the 2nd floor

View of the restaurant from the balcony patio

Knowing it was a special occasion, The Hill specially reserved this amazing lounge corner just for us

I was ecstatic! Snug, fluffy cushions to cuddle up against and comfortable sofas to lounge on.

It made us feel right at home. 


We got started on our drinks and some chatter heart

Hers: Watermelon + Orange juice | His: Kronenbourg 1664

Cheers! For all we’ve been through; to us, on our 2nd year mark heart

I honestly don’t recall what we were talking about all night, but hell, we never stopped talking throughout the entire night, so much so that we neglected our phones.

That’s what a real date should be, yes? wink

Suddenly, my mind traversed through time back to our first date all over again. I remember that chilly winter night on top of that small hill in Churchill Hotel. He had his medium rare steak and I had my salmon linguine.

Our appetizers arrived mid-conversation. On to the food!

Nachos with Chilli Corn Carne

We used to bake our own back in Australia, but this one upstages it by tenfold!

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Mozarella cheese and beef bacon bits

These were delicious! But 6 pieces isn’t quite enough haha. MOAR PLEASE?

Appreciating every minute of tonight’s date

The moment we finished our appetizers, the friendly waiters served us our main meals.

Yup. All three of them arrived consecutively.

His: Sauteed Clams in White Wine Sauce & Herbs Vongole | Hers: Signature Pan Fried Salmon.

We had the Brontosaurus Beef Ribs (top) was for sharing. We ate the candle too.

I was joking. The candle remained untouched LOL

Here are some close-ups of of our main courses.

We shared these Brontosaurus Beef Ribs. Yum!

The meat was juicy and very tender. It literally fell off the bone when I prodded it with my fork too.

But I didn’t quite like the overwhelming taste of the BBQ Sauce though indecision

(P/S: Remember to pre-order this first when you make your reservation!)

My Signature Pan Fried Salmon was divine… and so was the sides of spinach! (hidden underneath the fish)

I could eat five more of this if my appetite allowed me to; just got discharged from hospital at the time.

Shot this just for you to see the cross-section of it!

It was wrapped in a tasty egg-like house batter which complemented the flavour of the salmon so well.

His Vongole with sauteed clams, white wine sauce and herbs tasted bland to me,

probably because I don’t fancy clams. But boyfie loved it. 

So now you have conflicting opinions but if you’re a fan of shellfish or molluscs of any sort, then this should be your choice.yes

Aight, I guess I better stop, lest this anniversary edition turns into a food review LOL.

More information at: The Hill’s official website.

Looks like you’ll never take the food blogger side away from this blogger…

But tonight is all about us.

Don’t get sick of our pictures just yet. Let us revel in our selfshots today, yes?

After all, what’s not to celebrate? laugh

Admittedly, every celebration is never complete without dessert. THIS, is something I absolutely cannot deny. The health-freak in me won’t even try.

I’m a sweet tooth by nature. Resisting a well-made, fine cake/pastry/chocolate has proven to be quite a challenge for me; which is why we sweetened our evening with this heaven-sent brownie right here.

Chocolate Brownies with chocolate fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

I can hear the bells of delight ringing from the depths of my very satiated tummy already.

The simplest things in life (and sometimes the most sinful!) makes me happy.

Look at the mess this yellow glutton has made!

I let the vanilla ice cream melt before I poured it all over the chocolate brownie + fudge

I don’t usually behave so incorrigibly in public, but heck, this is OUR anniversary dinner with only the two of us present. And we’ve seen the worst of each other.

What’s a grubby plate going to do? LOL cheeky

Absolutely nothing. Yup, thought so!

Happy 2nd Anniversary again, Konzy.

Despite your temper and ill-mannered nature (which seemed to have both vanished this year finally!!), thank you for loving me unconditionally, and above all, thank you for being an amazing boyfriend. heart

ILY kiss

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