ZOMG I cannot believe that I was there the entire day!

That amounts to almost 10 hours in total yo. That's more than double the amount of time I spent at last year's!


Relaxing on the grass

Stopwatch necklace by Soak Republic

For those not in the know, Urbanscapes is an annual all-day creative arts festival, which celebrates all things artsy-fartsy! From performing arts, fine art, modern art, music, lifestyle, retail and practically EVERYTHING that spells fun!



You should totally check out what I blogged on last year's Urbanscapes '09.

I was an Urbanscapes virgin back then, not anymore! 😀



So what exactly kept me occupied throughout the whole day this time?

I shopped like a rockstar, ate like a porkchop (no, wait. Porkchops can't eat), relaxed on the grass by the lake with ma buddies, photographed almost everything that caught my eye, watched so many fun performances and more!


Dug out lotsa cute goodies in so many blogshops!

Key necklace + Red bracelet by Soak Republic


In total, I spent 4 hours shopping in each and every blogshop store at their 'marketplace' zone including those of Tongue In Chic's.

2 hours were spent eating *exorbitantly priced* lunch, tea and dinner within the vicinity.

Another 3 hours were spent exploring the entire grounds within Urbanscapes and checkin' out creative display booths and such!

The remaining 1 hour was well, spent idling, sitti and taking breathers with the rest.



This is the wooden house that 300+ people managed to carry all the way here!

It took them 3hours and although they encountered lotsa obstacles mid way, they made it


Promise the full coverage on Urbanscapes tomorrow! Need to hit the sack now, hehe. 😀 Heading to IKEA for lunchie early with a buddy tomorrow