Last night was fabulous! I zoomed off early to catch Laidback Luke's gig in my 2nd home, Zouk KL.

Although this isn't the first time I'm watching this kick-ass House/Electro-House DJ spin – my 1st time raving to him was in Zouk Out 2010 in Singapore – I couldn't contain my excitement all week to catch him live in my very own city!


Off to partayy, babeh! 😀


So we got there pretty early, the crowd was beginning to build up.

Our homeboys DJ Blink &Goldfish as well as Holland's DJ Sandro Silva were the opening acts for Dutch DJ Laidback Luke. No pictures because I wasn't exactly inside the Zouk mainroom yet.

Was outside chilling but I could hear their beats!


When Laidback Luke finally appeared to begin playing his set, the crowd went insane. 

It was announced that it was his birthday!

Tequila shots were served by Luke, courtesy of Luke himself!


He personally prepared them too!!! :D

(I could see him doing it at the back while Sandro Silva was spinning)


Thanks for the picture Edwin!


Another year, another mad-awesome series of rave parties hey?


He kickstarted his party with pretty freakin' awesome tracks and remixes.

Everyone had their hands in the air!


Atta boy!


His deft skills on the turntables were impressive! 


Yo DJ spin that shit! 😀 😀


It's a turbulence in the house!


I totally fell in love with his set last night! I had expected it to be some one-long set, but no…

Laidback Luke spun for 2 hours! Wooohoooo!!!! 


What song next Luke? 😀


Confession : I couldn't keep my eyes off him during his entire set! *shy*

During one of his tracks, I made eye contact with him OMG! I stretched my hand towards him spontaneously



And and and and!! 


I swear I died for 5 seconds and resurrected.     


He's amazing!


It was truly poppin'! 


The energy reverberating within the walls of Zouk Mainroom was like no other!

The crowd was raving hard, long, and wild… both upstairs and downstairs to Laidback Luke's wicked beats


Don't stop! Let the party rock!


Horrid photo of me because I was sweating buckets after all that jumping, raving and headbanging!!

But I didn't have the heart to delete it cos it's my only photo with Laidback Luke  Teeehee.


A very disheveled me with Laidback Luke spinning in the background 😀


Champagne, anyone? 😀


Keep it rockin, DJ!


He played all my fave songs of his – Heartbreaker, Natural Disaster, Timebomb and Turbulence. Luke also remixed a few other artists' songs such as ones by Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Benny Benassi and more. 

But what really got me thrilled was when he played heavy dubstep beats!


Plus, he's ssssssssoooooo cuuute! 😀



With pals Pamela and Edwin 😀


During the set there were some idiotic baboons who waved 1 buck and 2 bucks cash towards Luke and tried shoving it to him. Like WTF?

Excuse me you moron, do you think Laidback Luke is playing for charity? Or busking to put food on his table?


He was gracious enough to politely decline the money. I felt so insulted for him it's ridiculous!

Luke's an internationally recognized DJ. Your "donation" is prolly worth 2 cents to him -__-"


We gonna partay all night!


Oh and I video-ed some footages to show you how it was LIVE. 



 Here's a short montage of him spinning last night!

Sorry I couldn't video more, was too busy partying with Laidback Luke!! 😀


Oh and to save the best for last…

Remember when he served his party people tequila shots in conjunction with his birthday?


I kept his shotglass 

*euphoric skips*