Two raves in two consecutive days!!? Geez. I must be insane.

Paul Van Dyk's EVOLUTION World Tour is arguably one of the biggest rave parties I've ever been to!


Got there at 9PM


As we were there early, there were other DJ opening acts before Paul Van Dyk's set at midnight.

3 homeboy DJs MisterAriffin, Ian Ross & Phil K Lee (Darkroom Tales) Terrence C and Italian DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani. They hyped up the crowd from 7PM till 12AM.


Still early! The crowd was beginning to build up


With my fellow ravers! Meng, Kerynne, Abel & Shaun 😀


Edwin & I


Homeboys Phil K Lee and Ian Ross!


So while the other DJs played, I kept moving around trying to find a perfect spot to stand.

The DJ console was placed up so high that standing directly beneath it would only allow me to see the tip of the DJ's nose LOL. Hmm.. I kept fidgeting around for a perfect spot with a good view to rave and take photos.


Found my spot. A diagonal left from Paul Van Dyk's DJ console


While waiting for PvD to begin, I chilled with my friends by the cabana


Italian DJ and producer Giuseppe Ottaviani came on scene next

He's produced many tracks and quite a few under Paul Van Dyk's label before too! 






He's pretty damn good


Hey Ed what happened to your glowsticks? haha


The couzzies and I 😀


Keep going! You're amazing


DJ Terrence C was next


Finally, when all the opening acts were over and done with, the clock struck midnight. it was time for the star of the show, Paul Van Dyk to take over the decks for a night of mayhem!  

Just a wee bit excited. Or maybe a whole lot? 😛


A bit of camwhoring just before PvD's set!


And another one! 😀 Teehee


And suddenly my night has came to life even more than it already has. 

Our legendary Trance DJ-producer took to the stage!! I've been waiting all week for this! 



All hail Paul Van Dyk!



Let's get the party started, shall we? 😀



Here's a video of his grand entrance. Better watch it! It's worth your 5 minutes or so

It starts out slowly, but gradually builds the momentum & blasts off! 😀 😀



He was beyond amazing



The stage lighting and  its bass syncing was very impressive!




the lights boomed with every bass drop!



Lightplay was magnificent


The visuals kept changing every few seconds!



Must've cost heaps to make it happen!


World No. 1 DJ, Paul Van Dyk in the flesh. Again, my life is complete :D



He played the all-time favorite and famous track of 1998, 'For an Angel' as well as others like 'Crush', 'Time of Our Lives', 'Let Go', 'Cream' and his other summer mixes and played a remix of Tritonal track too.

I swear if he plays for any less than 1 hour, imma scream for an encore!


Gogogo PvD!!


T'was awesome how PvD jumped along with us and raved too!



I could see the crew members preparing a canon-lookalike thing that was expected to shoot or explode mid-way of PvD's set. I was so worried that it was going to be flames, fireworks or dry ice!

As I was directly beside the canon, I didn't want to get charcoal burnt or injured in the process LOL



 😀 😀


It was streamers and confetti!


Heaps of it! The canon fired 4 shots of it altogether!


It was raving mad; without a doubt.


The party didn't end till almost 3AM!


With the couzzies by the cabana towards the end of the gig


Thank you Celcom XPAX for bringing Paul Van Dyk down to Malaysia at the XPLAY Future Sound System!

It was an incredible rave


Photos by Edwin & I.

I had an amazing time. Many thanks to Celcom XPAX and Nuffnang for sponsoring my ticket :)

As Paul Van Dyk would say, "this is the time of our lives" and I couldn't agree more!


Headed home fully exhausted yet ecstatic from the trippin' weekend!

Need I say more? 😀