When the parent’s away, the kids will play!!!!!!!!!!!

 We had so much fun in the kitchen

When we got home, the chefs of the day started to cook our plans for the day’s sumptuous lunch. Basically, Nadia and Rahimi did 95% of the preps (of which 95% of that 95% was done by Nads) whilst Drea and I did a HUGE AND SIGNIFICANT PORTION – FIVE WHOLE PERCENT!

As it all seems self-explanatory, I shall cease my rich tales, descriptions and whatnot =P

That’s Mr. Chicken sweating in the oven

Rahimi was behind those yummy-licious garlic bread! Uncovered! Exposed!

As we heard our names being called from the food laboratory (read: kitchen) we put down whatever nonsense we were doing (winks at Andrea) and headed for assistance. We stood there by the door like complete morons as Nads buzzed from corner to corner, deftly wielding her mighty crockery.

After a few minutes, our insignificant existence finally came to Nads realisation. Aye aye maam, we’re at your complete disposal! *grins* We were then ‘assigned’ (cheh wahh.. Nads =P)  to the mashed potatos.     

The shapeless gooey blob in the bowl 

Welcome children! This is AndreaT for the Mr. Mash channel.
Do not attempt to try this at home!
The mystical contents of this colourful box of Mr. Mash will have the power
to cause potatos to grow behind your ears

After hours of  preparations, the outcome was one to  feast on.
Superb!  Stop staring at my plate.  =P

Chef de partie, Chef de cuisine, Sous chef, Commis I & ll all mixed and (Mr.) Mashed up to bear four enthusiastic people which makes up the motley kitchen crew.
Here we are finally sitting down to eat our very own pride and joy

Alls well ends well. Now, lets devour even the plates and bowls!
Hmm.. being the kind person I am, let us feed you through the computer screen.

All you have to do is –
sniff the keyboard twice
 turn around in a circle
and tap the screen three times.
The food has appeared under your chair.