Good day Malaysia! My name is Mandy; just returned

from studying overseas but still in love with Rajoo.

How do you do?

Yeah, it is confirmed – I am taking the role of Mandy! Yay! My director, Mr. Ashwin Bhatt made me blush when he praised me just moments before giving me my role. (I do not wish to disclose what he said, for that would seem very ‘perasan’ of me) Haha. But hell with it right? It’s my blog, my domain. But still, I don’t know all of my readers so it’s best not to say too much =) I was indeed flattered when a few of my fellow cast told me that I had a very sexy voice . I don’t know whether to squeal with joy or to sink in bashfulness.

My love interest, Rajoo is played by Ronaldo Scully. He’s an awesome arsehole who has this knack of teasing me – all the time! Anyhow, he’s a fun person to be with and I’m glad we get along very well. I mean, it’s only logical right? How can there be absolutely no chemistry between two people in real life if they both were to act as lovebirds on screen? Then the acting will be highly unnatural, won’t it? Haha. But hey Ro, I would love to smack you hard for stealing my sound ‘sponge’. Another person I made friends with is a guy whom I call ‘Stretch Marks’. Haha!! I just couldn’t help it – everytime I see him I will burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter and yell, “Stretch Marks!”

I am not being mean.
I am not being mean.

It’s just rather ridiculous to see a design on his jeans which looks exactly like stretch marks!

Oh, btw this is StretchMarks.

  Sadly, his stretch marks are well hidden as he is sitting down.

After recording Scene 1 – Scene 4, we had a lunch break altogether in a really nice
and yummy Indian-style restaurant.        


Papadams, curry chicken, briyani rice and lassi after a whole morning of recording and re-recording.

I hated the crying scene. =P Oh, and StretchMarks giggled halfway during his line and made me crack up in laughter! See? Because of you, I had to re-do my part.

We had so much fun! But kinda feel disappointed though when my bestie Joyce ain’t  feeling into it anymore. =(

Those were me & my fellow cast members fooling around

Then, it’s back to work with Mr. Director Ashwin Bhatt. Take two! =)

And Dear StretchMarks, stop checking out my tatt! It disturbs me. =P