Actors Studio Greenhall – a place that the inner me yearns to explore. Unfortunately, I have always been selling myself short and never dared to give it a shot! But what got me actually getting around to it was beyond me. There I was with one of my besties Joyce, showing up at the  rehearsals and lo and behold, we were being informally audited! 

Thanks to some good connections, my very own friend Momen to be exact, one of my goals in life were beginning to unfold! I would just never have dared to randomly appear out of thin air and walk right in.
You rock, dude. Thanks so much.  ♥ Sincerely appreciate it.

The drama was written and directed by the very experienced Mr. Ashwin Bhatt. It is set in a cosy and warm place where 3 families – Malay, Chinese and Indian lived together. How their childhood, youth, adulthood and how being overseas (and eventually returning home: in Scene 3) ironically did not drift them anywhere apart. The play seemed so realistic, there are romance, hate, clubbing, comical scenes.. etc. That’s just not even half of how wonderful it is.

*crosses fingers* I am anticipating the role of Mandy who had returned from studying abroad;  Mr. Wong’s daughter who is also the love interest of Rajoo, her butler’s son. Our voice recording starts on Sunday – TOMORROW!

I’m more than glad and proud to be welcomed abroad!

Oh, and here’s a random picture I took of other people posing in medieval costumes