This Saturday will be the day that I’ve been waiting for!

What else do you think it will be?



Let’s get wicked this weekend! Wink


Hahaha. The organizers sure got themselves some humour there. LOL!

It came with a very sweet letter too. Thanks, Wicked Entertainment!

FuriousThere had been rumors in the wind and shadows shifting in the dark. Tales of all things wicked, creatures of the night and music coming alive.

Two legendary EDM superheroes from a land faraway will lead hordes of insane electronic music lovers come this Saturday night.



Heed the words of caution as this is not for the faint-hearted. Rumors, they are certainly not.

One more sleep till Axwell and Zedd blow our minds to bits as our very own Malaysian EDM music fest has descended upon us – Wicked Festival 2013 is finally happening! Deets as follows:







Saving the world and bringing us back to life is Axwell, of (now defunct) Swedish House Mafia fame.

In my mind, in my head, this is what we’re waiting for!


Watch Axwell’s full set at this year’s Tomorrowland 2013 in Belgium, Germany!

Can you believe he’s coming to play for us? Well..  BELIEVE IT.


Showing us some clarity for the night will be young EDM prodigy, Zedd!

It will be a spectrum of havoc, for sure!


Zedd’s amazing set at this year’s Ultra Music Festival 2013 in Miami, USA!


So there you have it. Cool

Leave the world behind and stay the night, for they will be headlining the party, full speed ahead.


Hell BoyThe magnitude of talents will melt your brains as No_ID from Amsterdam takes the stage along with local heroes – DJ Nikki, BATE, Hightech, Ramsey Westwood and Captain Ed. 

The punches will come, blow after blow, one after another, all in a single night.

Ready to get wicked? Laughing


Full artiste line-up!


Tickets can be purchased RM129 (Presale), RM169 (At the Door) and RM259 (VIP).

Get yours at, Rock Corner & Victoria Music Centre at all major shopping malls and Muscle Mania outlets.



A final word of caution to the faint-hearted: hide your children, lock your doors.

As for the rest of you… Wanna get wicked? 


 See you on the other side. *evil laughter* Electric Shock


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