Good evening dearest readers!

It’s 4AM here, Malaysian local time and yes, I’m not asleep. But well, neither are you! Teehee.


As at 30th November today, I figured it was finally a time where I can publish this piece I wrote 6 months ago. Yup. Believe it or not, I penned this piece on the 13th of May but never got round to publishing it.


Why? I honestly don’t know.

It could be a myriad of things, feelings and thoughts. A little ounce of doubt, some fear, a few drops of denial and a hint of bashfulness.

But now, I realize one’s reticence can sometimes be the only barricade to what your heart tells you to.


So here’s a personal piece that finally sees the light of day, tonight.



What if the sun doesn’t go down,
To give way to the moon?
What if circuses neither had a clown,
Nor fire-breathers to make us swoon?

What if lightning never strikes,
And skies never echo a thunder?
Would you then scale a mountain for hikes,
Or venture its rocky plateaus over yonder?

What if we never spoke nor exchanged a word,
Do you think a friendship would ever be conjured?
What if we never got acquainted that night,
Would you still remember me come the morning light?

What if I knew much earlier,
That something felt rather peculiar?
What if we didn’t notice the chemistry,
Would you think this would be a mystery?

What if questions always had its answers,
Would slaves still bow to their masters?

What if you waited a little longer,
Would this thought still ever linger?
What if my steps was a little faster,
Would our night have ended a little later?

What if your owl got to deliver that message,
Ever thought we’d be walking down a different passage?
What if I came down to take that seat,
What do you think would happen when we meet?

What if caves were never hollow,
And loud voices could never echo?

What if I knew I would see you again,
Would my memories of you still remain?
What if we got to bid a proper farewell,
What would time and distance be able to spell?

What if I hadn’t left as early as I did,
Would this still feel as unfinished and incomplete?
What if we had just one more sunrise and sunset,
Would this be something I’ll eventually forget?

What if birds never sang their song,
Would silence ever feel this long?
What if bees never flew to pollen,
And thoughts had always remain unspoken?

What if dewdrops and spring arrived in advance,
Would you run with me to the meadows and dance?
What if the end is near or threatens to be early,
Would you stay with me and to listen to my story?


And the rest is still unwritten.

But I’m thankful for the starlight that shot through my sky.


Finally find / You and I collide. Laughing


Never, ever fight how you feel, for the force is not something you should ever battle with.

Maybe I should stop being such an idealist and  a thinker who sees things through rose-tinted glasses. But I relented, at last… and trust me, succumbing to this was the sweetest glory I’ve ever tasted. Embarassed Because finding out that this entire confession was reciprocated makes it all the more beautiful.

Today, I let the sun illuminate the words that I could not find the courage to unveil.


Release your inhibitions; feel the rain on your skin.

No one else can feel it for you; only you can let it in.



Goodnight, dear fellow night-owl readers of mine. Now, get some shut-eye and go to sleep!


Your sentimental dreamer