Whilst I was still in Aussie, I remember making one fine trip up to the city to meet up a friend.

A friend that I knew since college days in Penang. Alexis and I were feeling Italian that afternoon.


But she was occupied earlier, so I spent sometime in Spiga on the comfy couch by myself while waiting


Had my fave iced chocolate drink to accompany me while I blog


The plans changed and instead of meeting up in Melbourne Central, we decided to head up to Lygon Street.

That's where Italian food comes in abundance! Best part was, she lives just across the road from there.


So off I went to visit her. Yes, I walked all the way to her house.

Couldn't be bothered to catch a tram (I never buy Metcards!) and I love walking so that explains it 🙂


Walked past the State Library of Victoria so I had to grab a picture!

Had a random stranger take it for me 😛 Thank God he didn't run away with my camera LOL


If he does, I'll karate chop him to ham slices 


A very impressive library! Don't know why all the students love sitting on the grass studying in the sun

Prolly because it's always chilly everywhere.


Hung out at Alexis' house for a bit and then off we went for dindins!


Lygon Street by day


Lygon Street by night


We were there for quite a bit!

Heaps and heaps to catch up and talk about :)


We decided on Toto's Pizza House with her recommendation!


Alexis and I when our pizza arrived!

Oh and about the man? I'll tell you later 😉


We shared Chicken Carbonara Fettucine with Avocados

and a medium sized pizza! (I forgot what flavour/toppings)


The pizza looked delicious… appetizing indeed!


Some greedy snapshots of me busy nomming the pizza!


Yikes! The cheese was so springy . Best while it's still hot!


Okay, I'll tell you about that man now.

We finished dinner chitchatting and when we were just about to adjourn, he tapped me on the shoulder and said :


Nice to know you girls are from Malaysia. I've visited Malaysia once and it was beautiful

I'm going there to visit again I love the food there… I know KL, your capital city….

you're both Chinese Malaysian, then you should be able to speak Hokkien,

since you both are from Penang, 

you also have three main races… *continues rambling on



And he continued "responding" to whatever Alexis and I's were speaking of in our earlier conversation.

Good grief. Looks like he was listening to us all the while! >__<"


Left Lygon Street to head back home

I'm in the middle of the road!!


And back at Alexis' crib. Her residential area had a really pretty garden, especially when lit up!


Okay! Time to sleep.

Goodnight! I miss you, Australia. See you in 60 days!