Sometimes, I need my escapade.

And sometimes, I yearn to just lie under the sun to let life pass me by.



Sometimes, I am aimless; not knowing where certain routes lead to.

And sometimes, I could walk down a path which still remains unwritten.



Sometimes, I could not be bothered where the trail leads.

And sometimes, I reckon it's the journey that matters the most.



Sometimes, I am fearless; but many a time plagued by inhibitions

And sometimes I am sheltered by a facade I wish to believe in.



Sometimes I wish I could only see

And sometimes not dive headfirst in a vault of quandaries



Sometimes people stumble and fall; after all, to err is human

And sometimes the untold illuminates the answer that can never be found



Sometimes, the wrong methods are proven the best way to constantly learn

And sometimes, it helps you discover yourself in the process



Bold, adventurous and playful like a canine

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a single qualm in my mind


Thriving on long walks, playing fetch and frolicking on the grass

Sometimes a huge, mesmerizing smile will allow storms to come to pass



Sometimes I wish I never had to suppress myself; thus ambiguous, cryptic and a tad misunderstood 

And sometimes I enjoy free-falling and being susceptible to life's treasures



Sometimes I need my liberation, just to run an exhilarating mile

And sometimes, if I'm lucky it may lead me back to familiarity


Sometimes all I need is to close my eyes and feel it brimming within

So come here; lay with me on the grass and show me something so beautiful like never before.


And that's why they say dogs are man's best friend




P/S: I have no idea how I managed to turn a sunny day out into a surge of abstract thoughts

Believe me, it was supposed to be my usual carefree thing but it didn't quite turn out that way.

Goodnight all.

Sunrise after sunrise, another one beckons; it will herald a new day, I'm certain.