wutz dat? well.. datz wut u get wen ur in love… falling deeply in2 tiz endless journey.. stumbling upon a fork road wiv each step… itz ur choice.. ur descision… make a right move n here u go! Advancing 2d next level… but if u slip.. therez ur chance 2rectify it.. anyhow, 2day i experienced sumthing so simple but meaninful… so i thought very hard of sumthing not many ppl will… a thought dat wuz so intense dat it sent me in tearz… n here it goez..

a good fren of mine owned tiz letta.. not juz any typical luv letta… a letta which bore tha lyrics of Air Supply’s most recognized love song… She tore it in2 pieces.. convinced that she doesnt own anymore feelingz for that true love she once had. A beautiful love song.. by tha only one she loved so deeply… torn n ripped in2 shreds… i watched in wretch.. grimacing wiv each sound made by her actions.. ma heart sank afta she fnished her task..

i stared at it.. it wuz now nth but mere pieces of bite-size shreds.. her love she claims… now destroyed… assured that it cant be recovered… There wuz tiz weird energy dat wuz brimming in me… i had 2do sumthing! Me n anotha gud fren of mine wasted no time n picked up every single piece of torn crumpled paper.. We knew true love wont waste away b4 our eyes…

2getha we patiently sat n sorted out da parts… grbbed sum scotchtape n headed 2work. We knew it will take time…. but so wurt>? we had all d time in da world 2correct it… mend it.. tape it… heal it… u name it. 4periods passed n it wuz slowly showin sum progress… read it meticulously n pasted tha right parts 2getha.. it seemed like eons… but we knew it will work out well.. if u juz put d effort on sumthing so real n strong….. we believe we can…. had faith in wut we wer doing…

At last, b4 tha last bell rang.. we managed 2giv our best… tha paper wuz fixed 2getha… pathetic n crinkled… old n scrunched…. with bits of tape stickin out.. it wasnt in a perportionate shape! Sum pieces cudnt be found… maybe brought away by tha wind….So that explains why there were holes in it..It wuz certainly an awful sight… but i soon realized that it deep within itz scrap, it held sumthing deep n thought-provoking…. Sumthing so enlightening that it stimulated ma mind instantly.

:::=> It takes two, to mend a broken love.
– when i cudnt patch da paper back..dat fren offered 2help… dat makes two.

:::=> Sacrifice for tha sake of ya love.. n how u want it back 2getha
– we used lotz n lotz of scotchtape.. n didnt pay attn in class fer it’s sake

:::=> A love so strong n beautiful shud neva go 2waste
– that beautiful song on that piece of paper didnt end up in d wasteppr basket.. instead, put back 2getha in one piece

:::=> It takes time 2heal if it’s really meant to be
– we used four whole periods 2mend that test-pad sized paper

:::=> Put the effort n persevere 2correct wut went wrong.. fail u did, get up u shud..
– it wuz rlly tiresome.. we kept failing, but continued 2put it 2getha

:::=> Ambiguity lurkz in tha name of love
– there were juz so many possible pieces of parts 2getha… but we found tha rite  piece for tha right part.. we had too many 2decide on….

:::=> Make tha best choice.. make tha right descision
– too many 2decide on… but we chose tha right piece.. n dat led us 2a mended paper

:::=> Woundz in love will heal.. but its’ scars will b left behind
– dat paper had cracks n torn-marks in them.. we did put it 2getha. But the tatteredness wuz still obvious n crinkled

:::=> Da deepest scars of love will not be healed.. but remains 2let the lovers learn frm da past
– not all tha torn pieces were found.. sum were lost… that wuz why dat mended piece of paper had holes in them… a few even..

So there u have it… a parable of a torn paper dat wuz mended…. a symbolical meaning of true love recovered.. a methaphorical thought… So next time… treasure ur loved ones…. it aint so hard 2say “sorry”.. wut wud it cost u>? =/ n when u say “i love u” MEAN IT. Love is a wonderful, magical feeling – a gift frm God… if u havent found ur match yet, be at ease. Dun go looking for it…. because love will alwiz find a way. If ur love fails, YOU get up n do sumthing.. dun let it rot… because love  listens, it does not speak.  N if ur already in love,  God bless that it will last..  because real love leads tha way. Dun take it 4granted.. u’ll regret tremendously..

Spread tha love around peepz! Because, Love makes tha world go round!

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Take time 2reflect n to think about it.. hmmm..

lllll–jess out!—>
A lover of love
A hater of withering love
A doctor of broken love
A love-philosophy student (socially not officially)