On the twelfth day of Christmas, benjicajess sent to me…

Twelve rollercoasters drumming
Eleven sunnies piping
Ten piercings a-singing
Nine handbags blogging
Eight tattoos a-partying
Seven bikinis a-speeding
Six sports a-clubbing
Five cho-o-o-occies
Four golden moments
Three beach shorts
Two furry animals
…and a chillin’ in a calligraphy.
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When the sleigh bells ring at the end of every year, all I look forward to is our family Christmas party – the ultimate epitome of sharing and caring. Uncle Mike will plan each year’s Christmas celebration on an elaborate scale, with the theme-oriented food (stuffed turkey!!), decors, activities and the like. The best would be saved for last; at the stroke of midnight. When everyone never goes home with nothing. Dubby spent last Christmas with us for the very first time … and together, Uncle Mike and Dubby prepared the Christmas menu.

However, change is constant.
This year’s theme is : Christmas with a Dif

Even the location and hosts were unsimilar.

Even the Santarina and Santa this year was none other than yours truly and Dubby. Looks like the tables have turned!

Our Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all of us at Sincero Wine & Dine House. Hmm.. the food had a lot to be desired though. Oh well. What matters most is the company.

It was a simple Christmas for us nonetheless, the spirit still remained and much joy was celebrated. To all my friends out there who sent me Christmas greetings through sms, phone calls, Facebook wall posts, Friendster comments and in person; you know who you are. Thanks for the thoughts! I hope you had a swell Christmas too =)


Remember in my previous posts I mentioned that Uncle Philip and Aunt Karen had this new cosy condo? Yup, we held this small gathering there after our dinner.. to our 2nd dinner! A good Christmas cake (courtesy of Aunt MeiLeng) , good booze with great Christmas carols had sufficed our season’s evening. Oh, and considering the fact that my family were never made to have enough food, dear ol’ Uncle Mike ordered some thosai, cheese naan, roti canai and other fantastic ‘mamak’ delicacies. Hmm.. Christmas with a difference indeed!