I am blatantly pissed with what I heard just about 10minutes ago.

 Though I am expected to not disclose what happened (certain family members read my blog), allow me to rant and tear my already torn hair here. argh.

How can one still allow herself to still be dwelling in an old school of thoughts?? Conservativeness can be an issue here and I am partly irked by a series of rather disjointed statements uttered by someone in particular. To which I realised have been happening in a span of a few days – I did not notice until 10minutes ago.




How could she utter such uncouth comments about one of my loved ones? Are any one of my loved ones deemed any less value than the other? Enough is enough. I could not be bothered neither should I care less about the loathsome comments originating from her filth of a gap.


How despicable.
Then why am I still perturbed? Well yeah, truth be told, it could have affected me in a certain way.

This time around, I refuse to give in to you who harbour such ungodly feelings and animosity towards the one I hold very dearly to my heart. Why are you still holding a grudge against him? I picked up the pieces of my scattered self and forgave him; out of the purity of my little broken heart.

Why are you feeling bitter about what had happened in the past? It sure wasn’t easy, yet I regained my spirits to stay strong in faith – opening up and bequeathed him with my trust once again.

Dissatisfied? Stay in the corner and mope to yourself.

Leave us alone.
Your opinion is unfortunately at the bottom rung of my concerns.