Being a fitness/sports enthusiast & a gym junkie, I do own several pairs of running, hiking, sports & gym shoes which I often wear for the different workouts I do.

More often than not, our feet is the most neglected part of our body; which is why I am a firm believer of investing in the best pair of workout shoes so as to give them the comfort they (and we!) deserve.  

Stay back!

I have the kick-ass power of Adidas' new adiPure 360 on my feet 


This multi-purpose & super-bendable pair of shoes is something every fellow gym bug would love to own

Adidas threw several roadshows around Klang Valley & East Malaysia to celebrate its launch!


When Adidas first launched it's brand new adiPure 360 training shoe,

I was invited to attend their official launch held at the main concourse of Pavilion KL.


This was what I was wore that afternoon.

I decided to come decked in my favourite gym-wear as I was also heading to the gym right after.


Jessicat wears : Top -to-toe by Adidas

Clearly, I'm an Adidias fan, eh? ;)


I was excited to see what Adidas has in store for us with the launch of their new footwear range.

Surely it was going to be something that all gym enthusiasts would kill for! 


Maggy and I. We both love working out real hard & nasty 


The afternoon kicked-off when the team from the Adidas management shared with us some very detailed product knowledge on conceptualizing the technology for the shoes, crafting of it and all the way up to the results.

It was set to give rise to an amazing user experience when gym junkies (like me!) put them on during our workouts


She explained to us more about the adiPure 360 design-wise


While he explained more about the dynamics and the support it gives our feet


You know how most sports have footwear designed specially for the sport itself, right?

Basketballers wear basketball shoes, runners have their running spiked shoes, hikers have their hiking boots


Well, Adidas' new adiPure 360 is designed primarily for gym usage!


Two of my favorite colours from the adiPure 360 range!


These shoes uses super light and flexible materials; featuring the latest in technology to support multi-directional movements, like lunges, squats, leg curls, aerobics and so on. 


Fitness & wellness instructor Yu Jin sharing how this shoe works best for gym workouts


The anatomically designed shoe provides comfort and support throughout every move we bust in the gym.

adiPure 360 allows our feet to move as nature intended – almost as if barefoot! – but still giving our feet the protection it needs during our strenuous workouts.



This allows us to get the most out of our workouts by helping us in natural strength building, agility and balance. Muscles work harder that way! 


They now have a Men's version & a women's version too!


Combat fighters, dancers and gym instructors were present during the event to showcase the dynamics of the adipure 360 training shoes on stage!

They performed an energetic workout demo which included Yoga,a Body Combat and MTV Dance.



You can watch the action right here :





Clearly, the design and overall flexibility of the adiPure 360 helps in promoting unrestricted movement and harnesses the body's mechanics, also aiming to strengthen the muscles in the feet, toes, ankles and lower legs.


   The Adidas team with their bright-coloured Adidias gym attire and of course, the adiPure 360


I love how their feet come together in such a haphazard manner, uniting all the colours of the adiPure360 into a wonderful image of teamwork.

They were such an active and lively bunch too! 


When it was lunchtime, Adidas Malaysia gave us all a lovely treat at Dome's Cafe directly adjacent to the main concourse. 


My Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio


Some friends I bumped into that afternoon! 


With some more fellow fitness enthusiastic friends at the event!


Looks some lovely photos with Amber as well


Maggy, Yu Jin and I


They've even had an interactive game for us to play to test out the adiPure 360! :D


I was supposed to step on each correct answer (something like Dance Dance Revolution!)


Haha! So much fun :D


Prior to wearing these amazing pair of training shoes, I always fear my sports shoes would give way at the part (it has already started to fray!) where it is bent to the maximum when I do my warm-ups, lunges, interval hill climbing and squats. :/


Finally, a shoe that is born for the gym. I can do all my workouts in peace


I went directly to the gym with my new gym shoes and put it on immediately.

Was so pleased with it! My kickbacks, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, burpees, core planks, leg curls, crunches and even running on the treadmill was a breeze like never before! :D


Putting my new adiPure 360 to test… it sure was worth it!


I'm this much closer to my goals. Come on.. you can do this, Jess! ;)



For once, I felt like I wasn't wearing a thing! 

The adiPure 360 was light and unobstructing, yet gives me a very good grip when I lift weights or run on the treadmill.

It felt so soft when my toes rubbed against the interior of the shoe and its material hugged my feet like second skin. 



Loving my brand new adiPure 360 gym shoes 


Thanks Adidias! :D

You've come up with such a brilliant idea! So glad the adiPure 360 was designed with the gym in mind – it is music to the ears of my fellow gym rats and I! :D


It was so snug and flexible, adapting to all my movements to the maximum 


You can get yours at RM350 from all Adidias stores.
They were so quick, I checked it out on the day was already launched & ready for sale!