Men, when compared to their female counterparts, are definitely at a losing end in terms of the accessories they have at their dispense. 


I'm not referring to flamboyant embellishments hanging around their necks nor chunky, oversized diamonds that gleam from a mile away.

A certain accessory; very small in size, but speaks abundance of a man's confidence and success.


No prizes for guessing. It's none other than the watch he wears on his wrist

(In this case, it's MY WRIST laSmiley


I was honoured to be invited to a private event, by the renowned watch retailers of South East Asia – Red Army Watches Malaysia.

They brought us an intimate evening of a formal wine & dine in the heart of the city centre, Pavilion KL. 


Thought of going with the corporate chic look tonight 

Jessicat wears: Bandage dress in hot pink (a gift from a good friend!) | Hair-band in pink by Diva |

Tote bag in Raspberry Sorbet by Burberry | Blazer in royal blue (a gift from mom!) |

Peep-toe heels in navy by a boutique in Newcastle |



The massive traffic jam towards the city coupled with the heavy thunderstorm got me arriving a tad late for the evening. (Sorry for the wait, guys!)

My seat was right beside Mr Soemantri Kusumadi and directly in front of Ms Julianna Chai  – the lovely masterminds of Red Army Watches! 


With the husband & wife team!


They were such friendly, pleasant and down-to-earth people! 

I learned a lot about Red Army Watches from the introduction, and the stories they shared about their humble beginnings in 2004 till what they have become today – a chain of nine outlets in the region (Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia) 


Ms Julianna imparting us with an interesting, yet brief history of each of the watches


I was so enticed by their impressive collection of European imported timepieces and the success stories they related to us at the table!

All of us enjoyed the conversation over a delightful spread of Western cuisine at Circus Restaurant Lounge.


Here are some of the mouthwatering meals we had for dinner! 


My favourite White Russian cocktail (not in the menu, but you can ask for it!)


Truffle Shoestring Fries with grated parmesan & parsley tossed in truffle oil


Rack of Lamb served with rosemary potatoes and pistachio praline


My favourite Grilled Salmon Fillet served with lemon & caper sauce and sauteed asparagus


Codfish with Truffle Butter Foam served with mashed pumpkin and sauteed asparagus


Fondant Au Chocolat served with toffee & vanilla sauce and ice-cream


Lavender Creme Brulee served with peach sorbet, transparent orange tuile and caramalized fresh peach


It was definitely a scrumptious meal. I'm sure you can tell by the photos I took! 

Those weren't even ALL the food on our table, by the way. Nothing beats a wonderful evening with good company and amazing food!


I bet you must be keen to see the glamorous and exquisite timepieces already, right?

Well… here comes the best bit now! 


With my favourite piece from their range of watches!


During the session, I had the chance to personally admire, hold and even wear some of the timepieces in their collection

Totally smitten by their charming collection of luxury timepieces ♥


First on show is my favourite of them all,

the 100 Jahre (Years) Automatic 7608-1 by Zeppelin! 


Released in 2011, this watch commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Zeppelin Watch Company, which was founded by the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, inventor of the Zeppelin aircraft. 

The Zeppelin line of watches is inspired by the elegance of zeppelin air travel, and its classic appearance is evident in its design and features.



Measuring 42 millimetres in diameter, and water resistant at up to 5 atmospheres, this watch features a mechanic hand-wound Cal. 3133 movement, a 12 hour Chronograph, 23 jewel bearings and a crystal exhibition case on the back. 

Its beauty is characterized by the white ivory face, Breguet-style hands, black markings and a domed sapphire crystal cap on the dial, built into a satin stainless-steel frame with a calf grain leather strap.




Next on display was one of my favourites too,

the Baikal Moonphase 31679 by Poljot!


Inspired by the Russian Winter and named after Lake Baikal (in Southern Siberia), this watch measures 43 millimetres in diameter and is water resistant at up to 5 atmospheres.

It is encased by a domed sapphire crystal cap on the dial, and its screwed glass back allows the wearer to enjoy the gold-plated clockwork, finished with "Cotes de Geneve".




It features a polished stainless-steel case, guilloched dial (replicating the waters of Lake Baikal), moon phase indicator, Chronograph and classic Roman numeral markings. 

It's no wonder why I love this beauty so much… I've always had a thing for Chronograph watches! 


Putting it on with care


Wanna see?


Apart from reminding you of that meme, how do I look?

Absolutely in love with it. Dear Santa, you know what to do 




Next was the Bauhaus 6070-5 by Junkers. 

Taking a step back from the usual aviation-influenced style of Junkers watches, the Bauhaus line borrows heavily from the modernist art movement of the same, birthing the modern, yet elegant, watch you see here. 




This particular model measures 40 millimetres in diameter and is water-resistant at up to 3 atmospheres. 

It features a quartz-controlled Ronda 515 movement, a beige face with neat black markings, and a hesalite cap, encased in a stainless steel frame.




The next piece comes in a very unique, astronaut-like casing. Why? You'll see.


The Gagarin 50th Anniversary Chronograph Special Edition by Sturmanskie


This fine piece of jewellery has quite a history to it.

In 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel into space. 

During his 108 minute mission, he wore a Skurmanskie wrist watch. 50 years later, Sturmanskie has released this special edition piece to commemorate his historic journey.



This majestic piece measures 44 millimetres in diameter and is water resistant at up to 3 atmospheres. 

It features a Poljot 3133 manual-winding movement, orange markings and a graphic of the earth (no doubt what Gagarin would have seen during his time in space) on the dial. 

This dial cap is of sapphire glass and encased in black PVD-coated stainless steel, its black rubber strap is embossed with Gagarin's name, and the back of the watch features Gagarin's bust in space attire. Supply is extremely limited!




Next was the La Neuveville Limited Edition by Rama Swiss Watch (RSW).

Released in 2012 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the city of La Neuveville, home of RSW.

This watch was created in very limited quantities (700 to be exact!). There are two lines of the La Neuveville series: one automatic, and one quartz; only 700 of each model are available.




This particular model measures 42 millimetres in diameter and is water-resistant at up to 3 atmospheres. It features a sexy stainless-steel case with a sleek eggplant dial, steel markings and its famous RSW crank crown.

The Limited Edition number is engraved on its side and the strap is made of black leather. 




Last, but but certainly not least, is a real beauty, and a very unique work of art too! 


the Gnomonic GT One by Schaumburg Watch


Handmade, featuring only one hand (to model the ancient sundial), this racing-inspired watch is the ultimate in chic men's fashion and Swiss watch making. 

The GT One measures a 46 millimetre diameter for ultimate time-keeping accuracy, and is water-resistant at up to 5 atmospheres. It features a Swiss-made SW20A automatic movement, and is available with a chronometer is desired. 



LOL silly me, I'm holding it upside down!


The dial comes in both black and grey, and is capped with sapphire crystal.

The case is available in both brushed stainless-steel and black PVD, and its black leather a-jour strap features both red and dark-grey seams. 

To maintain your timepiece's appearance, it should be cleaned regularly. 
This can be done by wiping your timepiece completely with a soft dry cloth regularly to remove dirt 
 When storing timepieces together, they should be kept slightly apart from each other. 
This is to ensure that they do not rub against each other which can cause scratches and hasten signs of wear.
To prevent them from losing their luster and color, avoid exposure to elements such as perfume, soap,
cosmetics, hairsprays and acids. Tap water is best for cleaning gemstones.
There you have it, all six wonderfully luxurious timepieces described in detail, for your reading pleasure. Are you amazed yet? 
 'Cos I definitely was, whilst researching on the stories behind each watch. 

Lo and behold, all six of the pieces that was displayed to us today!

Oh my, such beauties. What I'd give to own them all!


As a woman, I've always been an ardent subscriber of how the best piece of adornment on a man of should always be his watch, and is all the jewellery he needs.

Wristwatches are held in high regard as one of the few ways a man can exude his image, status and taste in fashion.

A wise man once said:

"When a guy takes off his coat, he's not going to fight.

When a guy takes off his wristwatch, watch out!"

– Al McGuire


Few more photos of the night! 


Brought bestiePam along to join me 


After dinner with Ms Julianna and Xavier


Final photo of the night before I left! Xavier and I

Thanks Xav and Red Army Watches, for a great evening 


Tonight was not only a night of luxury, but I went home twice as knowledgeable in wrist jewellery.

A marvellous collection by Red Army Watches, I must say… undoubtedly acquirable timepieces indeed!


Watch enthusiasts who wants to make any one of these amazing timepieces their own can:


Drop by any of the three Red Army Watches outlets at:

Tropicana City Mall @ Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Pavilion KL @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One Utama @ Bandar Utama, Malaysia


Look them up online on:

Red Army Watches' official Facebook page

Red Army Watches' official website