After 2 years of not meeting up, Violet and I were glad to *finally* see each other again!

We were both in Melbourne at that time so it was perfect for a catch-up sesh


Violet and I 🙂


We didn't know where to go at first cos we were practically gushing when we saw each other!

I was happy to see her again! After walking around aimlessly for a bit, we went to Koko Black



What could be better than catching up over glorious, glorious chocolate?


The hardcore chocolate lover was simply delighted! *beams* 


James was there to join us as well! 🙂


We chatted for hours and talked about old times and what we're going and where we should go next when we meet again. So much to do together, so little time!

But unfortunately, all of us have busy schedules plus the fact that I live pretty far from the city! 🙁


Girls doing what we do best 😛


Thanks for the photo dearie! 😀


After our teatime, we went outside for some air and to do a lil shopping.


Also, it's sometimes really cool to have a guy who is into photography tagging along while we do girly stuff or whatever we do. 😛 So I passed James my camera to help me take a few shots!

Hence, we get to actually have candid shots while walking or talking to each other LOL


Thanks for helping us take candids, James 😀


T'was an awesome day catching up with them but alas, something fairly tragic happened!!

I was wearing the new pair of boots which I bought yesterday, and since I've never wore boots before (we hardly ever wear boots in Malaysia) I didn't know we needed to wear socks or stockings or something similar.

So I was badly cut and bled from above my heels. A blister somehow managed to appear in less than an hour and it hurt to the max ;( ;(


pic courtesy of Violet

Hmph. And this is why I hate wearing new shoes 🙁


Thankfully, they took me to the nearest footwear section and I bought a pair of flip-flops

I also had some band-aids with me (fortunately!) and poor me had to limp back home.




Our next outing wasn't as tragic as the first one, though. Phew!

We met up at Pancake Parlour this time :D


Before our food arrived!


It was funny how we actually ended up choosing what to eat.

Both of us wanted to suggest Pancake Parlour, but didn't think that the other would want to eat that. But eventually, we both found out that the both of us had Pancake Parlour in mind! @__@


So, Pancake Parlour it is! 😀


I've always been a pancake fan. If you've been a long-time reader, yall would know that if there was any pancake outlet in front of me, I'd hit it. No matter what!


The flooring reminded me of checkerboards!


I liked the interior decor as well!


Don't know why, but ambience plays a part in how much I'd enjoy myself in a restaurant

Perhaps I'm not exactly a minimalist, that's why. I like elaborate or even artsy decorations 😉


While waiting for food!


Since I'm an avid fan of traditional stacks with maple syrup, I ordered that and something savory

Violet had some Pancake Spanakopita while James opted for Blueberry Pancakes!


In the end I was so full I couldn't finish 'em!


Had a great time with them, as I did the previous outing.

Cheers to more catch up sessions the next time I'm up in Melbourne! 😀


Camwhoring against some pretty Pancake Parlour backgrounds

Love their pop art-ish concept!


Yay for good times and good food! 😀