Hmm.. tis the season to be born!
It’s the month of July again, spelling burfdays all over!

First up, I start the ball rolling on the 1st of July
Kenneth comes after moi on the 2nd of July
Classmate KenWee is next on the 4th of July
Old pal Ting En comes with 15th July
Classmate Nadia is on the 20th of July
Long-time bestie Janice is next on 21st of July
Godsister Rachel continues on the 22nd of July
Old pal SuTing ends on the 27th of July

and somehow I know fellow blogger Mac_Bone is a July baby too.
Not forgetting my virtual mum, the lovely Alison Keene is a July blessing as well.

and to everyone else born on July, PUT YO HANDS UP

the prince & princesses of July~!