Now.. here is the last episode of the series of Episode 1 – here
and Episode 2 – here
Watch out! This is the LAST week I have to enjoy before dragging my arse back to college! It’s gonna be a blast

Oh but.. the results were sent to my house. As expected, I got screwed upside down from both mom & dad for flunking two subjects – Radio Production and Photo Communication

Here are my results :

Organizational Communication A
Principles of Copywriting A
Radio Production B+
Photo Communication B+

She was furious and did not speak to me for a day. Ahh so what, seriously? I’ve got Benjie to run to. He never judges me based on my results, ever. And when I got my first B+ ever in college which deteriorated my CGPA from a full 4.0 to a 3.72, he was there.

But I just don’t geddit. I know I’ve expressed this before but I’m so darn sick & tired of being pushed to perform terifically with strings of As and nothing less. You expect way too much from me. I know I haven’t dissapointed you ever, but I personally feel getting a B+ does not equal to a dissapointment. Yesyes, I know you believe in me and want me to succeed mom, but seriously, my CGPA is now 3.89, is that fckin hell not enough?

It’s exhausting to keep up with your expectations. =(
okay, ’nuff with the emo post.

So yeah the 3rd & final week began with the Unagi Fair in Sushi King! Ahh yess… the glory of Eels. It’s in the season now! *wooooots!!*

gavin’s sexxxaaayyyy lips.

Unagi Temaki

Unagi Cawanmushi

And finally…

Unaki Kabayaki – my main reason of Sushi King patronizing

I swear I can eat Unagi 5 times a week and still crave for more

Gavin then asked me to play the new Time Crisis IV with him… and I got knocked out in the 4th stage! Dang! Hey, it’s my first time okay. So forgive the noob.
And he went on and on to more and more stages until a point that the rest of us were so tired of waiting a


Yeah Yeah, I know you’re pro in this game.


So we annoyed him.

Distracted him.

Interrupted him.

Irritated him
Laughed at him.

Camwhored with him.

Camwhored without him


at last, we still ended up waiting.

The next highlight of the 3rd Episode is my road trip down to AutoCity!
It was a very random plan, but we just felt like it.

The city of lights, I claim. =)

The choices of entertainment & food outlets were superlots!
Out of all, we decided on Jurin – the Japanese food outlet.

Caught them red handed!

And I captured her as a hostage


*wheeee for Jap food*

I was only greedy for one thing – my fave Unagi!

after a hearty meal, it’s time for some fun & butt-kicking drinks down at BED.

We played Bullshit, ChorTaiTee and other silly card games. I sorta peeked at the cards using my camera:

My way of cheating.

There was this game that Daniel taught us, it was something like truth or dare – minus the truth.

I cannot imagine having to keep being the victim. WTF WTF

And this was all I did on that fateful night. I had to:

– Lick someone’s earlobe
– Have someone lick my elbow
– Kiss the glass window & proclaim my love for it
– Laugh loudly for no apparent reason in the middle of BED

but it was fun watching the rest of them attempt ridiculous stuff too.
(he’s supposed to smell her hair and rub his nose in it for 5 secs)

Wheeee come Friday and i

t was the Tuborg Green Beat party down at Mois, Penang!

The happy green people

We got our Polaroids

There was a guest DeeJay in the house too, flown all the way from Bangkok – Dj Ono! He spins for KL, Singapore & Bangkok.

It was Gloria’s burfday bash too!

The best part was, these two occasions intertwined. Best of both worlds ey? =D

Rene & Em doing their thang

ladies in black

We partied and oh yes, I loved Gloria’s burfday cake! It was THAT good. If I’m not wrong, it was Moist Chocolate cake from Jenny’s. Issit, gurl?

And I also partied with Rudy & JJ of the Hitz.Fm morning crew! *woooooots!* That’s Em & I with whiteRudy & greenJJ. Their crew was down in Penang for the Avril Lavigne look-a-like contest in Queensbay Mall btw.

ZOMG ZOMG I met old high-school buddy Catherine there!! Carmen, Cath & I went,”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” and group hugged on the spot

And yet again, happy early burfday love.

the queen and I

Oh, and I stumbled upon a new discovery

so there IS a syndrome after all

And to wrap up the crazywazy week, it was….. BEACH DAYYYY!!!!

Some of them rode the banana boat and swam in the sea.

yeah yeah, I missed out the sea-fun

While a few of us didn’t bring spare change of clothes, we just chilled by the beach instead with some great acoustic sounds.

And played some beach games

Gavin & I, SUMO.

Err, a lil too much information Gav?

Anyway, one could see that it was a very hyper evening – the beach was filled with so many different types of people having a blast!

And err.. not so hyper people.


So while they were listening to some music and swimming in the sea, I occupied myself with some photography instead

the above pictures are only a sneak peek of the complete set of photographs.
Visit my flickR to see the rest – here

As the sun was already beginning to set, we then packed up and prepared for our night barbeque party.

Uber fat sausages

Ahh yes, yummy barbequed chicken.
Credit goes to GAVIN‘s mom

Yeah see? Look at his expression

The whole motley crew

So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my 3rd and final week of the holidays. To me, I’d say I’ve enjoyed ALL of those three weeks because each week had its very own meaning.

Much love to those who made my 3 week semester break a ball of fun!

♥ toodles !