When I was back in high school…..


is what every school leaver would say.

But hey, not me. Because I am in high school. Not was. Am.

if only.

But technically, I am back in my high school grounds.
Or was?

okay nuff with the crap.

After sending my lil bro off to NS, I headed to my alma mater with my good friend, Vincent the Mamak. It sure felt familiar just like how it was back in the old days, with the cacophony of CGLians chattering & laughing about.

I owe it to my high school junior, Clarissa, who never fails to keep me updated with the school’s ongoings every year. Huggss babe! Oh and, when I was back, she treated me some pizza. Such a sweetie. =)

Another junior whom I never knew existed (and perhaps vice-versa) was Cara Ooi. How we became friends was through the strangest means! Ya know the old blog of mine, from LiveJournal? Yeah, that was how we became friends. And goodness me, we were from the same high school and in the same uniform body! Amazing how the WorldWideWeb can bring people who are so far yet so near, to get to know each other.

Hey Cara! I know you’re reading this!!
Glad we finally met up in person! —

I was so glad to see Yellow House dominating the first place again. We’re the defending champions for many years in a row! *beams*

Anyway, this was the tug-o-war match between yellow & blue. *boo* to the latter. OOPS. Did I just say that out loud? =P

And when the event finally ended, there was the marchpast by all the sports houses & the uniform bodies. Just like it was back in high school! =)

Oh, and for the record, I actually managed to capture a picture with Christmas Tree. I mean, Pn. Salmah. =P Yeah, that’s her. Looking as descriptive as the nickname depicts.

Christmas Tree & I

And I hate to say that I was the one responsible for that nickname she now holds.
>_< *SHH*

CGLians rock!!
.Simple in Virtue.
.Steadfast in Duty.