bestieJoyce turns 21!

Sorry dearie, scheduled this post to be published yesterday (your actual burfday) but was really caught up with some stuff =( Anyhow, this post is dedicated to you!

Happy Burfday Bestie, love ya!

Imagine racing back and forth in between KL – PENANG in less than 24 hours. Yeah, beat that! I was back in Penang for only less than a day. Headed back down for the BFF’s burfday celebration, Joyce Ang.

I would never miss celebrating her burfday with her for the world. Check out what we did for her burfday last year [here].


Even if it means killing roaches with my bare hands, braving through a swarm of bumblebees, travelling across the globe or even dehydrate for 11 days. I’ll be back fo’ ya babe.


Yes it’s affirmative!
We celebrated her birthday a few days earlier just so I can be there for her 21st. And if there were to be one word and one word only for me to describe the burfday bash,
I’d say it was WICKED! Like, we always are.

We checked into the hotel in the afternoon and after some lazybumming in the suite, it’s off for some wet and wild fun! Swimming, what were you thinking?

The three guys were so convinced that they didn’t wanna get wet.
(that sounds kinda wrong but owells)

Still not wet?

Introducing, the Pool Party Squad
This is where you’ll get wet!

But before that, the burfday gurl gets all the wet & wild love! Try as you may babe, but you’ll never escape the fun. They say burfday gurls will always end up drunk and thrown into the pool, but since you’re already IN the pool; we’ll splash harder and get you wasted tonight!

Finally, we gurls managed to pull the rest of the guys in. Show your bravados, come on – be a man and get wet! WTF

don’t try to attract other females
it AIN’T mating season

Hey look, just because you have a super-powerful canon, it still doesn’t make swa
ns attracted to you buddyCarter. So, jizz and jizz as much as you want till you become a dried shrimp.

Hell yeah

Here you go, twenty-plus year old playing like kids at heart. Owells, there’s a child inside every one of us, no? Including you!

We continued swimming and playing a fool in the pool. Best thing was trying to make the guys climb on top of each other, of which, they eagerly did it with free will.

men. tsk tsk tsk

Unlike us gurls – such well behaved angelic beings. *winks*

Love ma gurls

And why on earth do you guys want to have a boob competition -____-“
Okie we surrender, bestieCarter you have the biggest chest. *bows down*

Okay fine, you got me. I love the whole motley crew. Especially when we’re wet and playing some wild fun. *winks* Oh and, we played strip poker later that night, along with a few others who came to join us!

The swim team

Who could imagine us hanging out in the pool till late at night? Time passed by so quickly we didn’t even realize it. Darn, I miss Penang already.

Wacky bunch in motion
And oops, I found something in Carter’s pants

It was already late and we made too much noise (believe me, we contributed 90% of the noise pollution in the hotel suite later that night. I reckon it went up to 50decibels) we were shooed away. Aight, time to shower and go back to the suite guys!

How interesting
tsk tsk tsk

What happened in the hotel suite?
Alcohol – check
Poker Cards – check
Mad bunch – check

You’ll see soon enough

Happy 21st Burfday once again

Love ya always gurl
Besties for 3 years & counting!