It’s Aji Noren for us all!

Japanese food doesn’t come cheap, so it was shocking as to why we chose this restaurant for our dinner. Well, it was no difference whether or not it was owned by Rach’s uncle because he didn’t give us a discount – at all!
Although we were sitting in a very awkward manner due to the pitless dining area, it all went swell.

Yet again, my Unagi Kabayaki –

It’s a personal favorite!

And the crunchy wefwfrnjkrnjfsafi-maki maki temaki lelaki or teriyaki I ordered (I can never get the name right so I randomly rammed on the keyboard) came in such a cute presentation.

When ultimate blurness arises, don’t mistake those pink slices on the right as salmon. =/ I did the last time and it tasted horrid. Truth be told, it turned out tasting like mutilated ginger. Maybe that’s what it probably is? Share some light, for those who knows Japanese food at their fingertips =) Thankeww

Rach and I

All went well until I accidentally bit into the deadly Wasabi. That offending green paste of doom! Gavin made fun of me and I challenged him to eat an insane amount of it and guess what? He was sporting enough to do it – with challengers KX and Rach, of course. They stuffed the tiny sushi with loads and loads of Wasabi and the mere sight of it simply appalls me! =0

Oh yes, looking all so confident? The game’s just ABOUT to begin!

Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders

Oh yes, now that’s better. This ain’t no reality tv, these are the after effects of downing a Wasabi-filled sushi.

Gav is sucha sport. =)

So who was the winner? I certainly have no idea for I do not take interest in such bizzare and painstaking challenges =P My rough guess would be…. KX??

After the fire was extinguished from their throats, we chatted about nonsense including.. umm.. ‘hair’. Note that it’s very vague when I mention that word, so you can prolly guess what revolting topics came up and including which person in question. Alright, no more enigma for now so okbuhbye

We crashed into Gav’s crib this time and looked around for something to entertain us. Someone has to be the laughing stock so we turned Gav’s chef hat into an underwear for Superman

Wasabi made them hyper and so we fooled around with Gav’s chef hat in the pursuit of looking more domesticated. Those are cookbooks f.y.i =)

Next, we locked Gav & Rach in the room on purpose for no reason. Such meanies?


When everyone got tired of this annoying game, we hit the dimes. It’s gambletime!

I was the winner *ahem* for Chor Tai Tee twice consecutively and only once for Poker. KX is the man when it comes to gambling… God of Gamblers. And Gav? Noobie as usual XP

We worship this noobie, unfortunately.
Look, there is even a statue of him for us to sing our praises to!