And if Birthdays weren’t awesome enough, I’ve come to share more on Birthdays!! =D

Recently last week, one of my gurls turned 20. LOL the BIG ‘TWO-OUH’ It seems to me like she wasn’t having any plans for her big day so guess what?

I decided to take charge and to plan with de gang to give her a birthday that she’ll never forget!!!! =D

It all started when I sent her an sms –

2nite wear nicenice yea? We pick u up
Waaa.. yay!! Go where? What r u wearing?
Wear sari. LOL no lah. Dun ask, just anticipate

More or less so. XD

So anyway,I didn’t want the evening to begin in an ordinary way so sweetheart & I pretended to be in a dramatic argument which was beyond help and on the verge of breaking up. It was death&doom in the car and the situation was tense but….. not for long.

Thank you Oscar & Emmy Award winners for the night:
Rachel, Vincent, Ben and Jess!!

(Oh wait, that’s me. XD)

We then sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joyce dear on my cue “Let’s do it”. She cried instantaneously and I could tell she was sincerely touched. *hugs*

The couple behind the drama… who went ballistic “fighting”

We drank & chilled for hours and it was fun giving them suggestions & my review of every cocktail available.

I’m glad Vinz still liked the Pina Colada
that I ordered for him during our last visit. The rest too, except sweetheart. On his virgin visit, I suggested a Dry Martini for him and unfotunately, he hated it.

All I can say to him is: Aiya, lu tadak class la dei

Gurls by nature (literally)

=P And the thrill of seeing our presents for her- all in purple, specially picked out by me *winks* This happened to be one of the gifts, amongst all the other purple gifts. A Body Shop Lip Balm.

Although small in size, it was powerful enough to etch a big smile on her face : (check out her expression)

Even after dining at Beach Blanket Babylon our surprise was not over yet. After drinking & chillin, I sneaked downstairs to tell the waiter to wait for my cue before bringing up the birthday cake – the sound of the bell.

And OFMG I tell you Joyce, you almost rang the bell and thank goodness I stopped you in time before my surprise was ruined.

So anyway, the bell was rung by us and ta-daaa!!!

The cake, her, me and a shot of Tequila

Glad all of you came to make my plans a success!!

Yes, that includes you Daniel

We headed down to Momo for some extra partying. Completing the night with


Argh. Lemme say it again… WITHOUT the spoiler.


Bottoms up! Dubby, Joyce, Rach

and dancin..

Do it to it! Joyce, me, Rach

Never complete without some booty-shaking & booze yeah babe? Muahhahaha.. Some babes from the UK joined us for some dancin too =D

All in all, it was a great night but no one was wasted. Aww, too bad. But good at the same time as it means no hangover the next morning. >_<

Babes who matter *mwah*

Sweetheart goes all red… as always

Oh and randomly, I seriously have no idea why my bestie would ever want to whip my boyfriend with her locks of hair

Aihh gurl, Is this the way you treat my boyfriend after all I’ve done for you?


Jokes aside, Phew! Mission completed… with success and much merry-making!!

And for all those times and everything you did with & for me, you deserve this, gurl. For you on this 20th bash,

Happy Burfday again babe.
Besties always!