OKAY so..
truth is, I didn’t do the hair extensions!
as seen in : this blogpost

Reason being why I blogged about having done it already is because I just wanted to get some reader opinions. From a non-biased view, that is.

Cos blogging as though I’ve already done it will open chances for me to gain more input on what you peeps honestly think. So, here is the verdict I’ve summed up from everyone :

Hairstyle IS nice without a doubt
It doesn’t suit my character at all

Ya know, until and unless I completely transform into a sweet & girlish young thing, I just cannot have that kind of hair. Like all my close ones said: however nice it looks on me, it still just takes away the Jess that they know. My character ain’t there anymore.

So yeah, I guess
April Fool’s Day came early this year!

I told a white lie! My apologies!

Ohwell as you can see, truth is revealed :
The real Jess is back!
WITHOUT the Japanese-y long curly hair