Maxis Broadband has been making awesome buzz ever since it was launched, quite recently if I’m not wrong. The thing I love about Maxis Broadband is that they have really pretty skins!

Yup, I’m a sucker for pretty-pimped gadgets. After the big hit of their animal print modem, they now have this really cool skin pimped to it!

Check it out :

What’s with the Music Bash, you ask?
Well Maxis in collaboration with Nuffnang, is having this uber cool music party that I can never afford to miss!

*repeats thrice*
However, only music superstars are eligible for invites
But I’ve got a plan up my sleeves. Muahahhaah

Being a hardcore music fanatic and an avid blogger makes it all the more reason for me to go! Looking forward to it so badly that I could just fly to Hollywood, be a superstar and finally get to attend this partay!

Saaay whaaat?
Fly to Hollywood? Be a superstar?

I’ve always been more partial to the Alternative Rock, Emo and Goth category. Whilst listening to Mr.iPoot, I’ll subconsciously head-bang and envision myself rockin’ on stage amidst a huge crowd.

Heck, that was embarrassing to share but owells.

So if I were to impersonate a Musicon Celebrity, I’d be a rockstar.
No doubt about that.

the lead vocalist of Evanescence

Indeed I will impersonate her at the Music Bash
Bring me to life~!!!!

For those who do not find the name Amy Lee from Evanescence familiar, I’d recommend you to watch this video. Then you’ll understand better.

One of my faves!

I love her emo/goth look. Been loving her since high school!

As I enjoy graphic manipulation and heavy graphic editting, I figured I’d do a few collages to represent my ‘celebrity rockstar’ self. Enjoy.

Using this as an inspiration:
I did my own below :
I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems~
Got to open my eyes to everything~

Pretty interesting concept, methinks.
Evanescence is such love!

Haha. So as a celebrity, I’d like to be treated exactly like a celebrity. To be treated like a celeb, one must portray how a true celeb ought to be.

Definitely NO tainting my celebrity reputation with excessive partying, shaving heads *cough*, jumping in and outta marriages, addictions to plastic surgeries, exposing nude pictures and the list goes on.

Call my name and save me from myself~
bid my blood to run~

So as celebrity rockstar Amy Lee :
  1. I wanna be treated like a rock goddess and be remembered as one
  2. I want collaborations with rock bands Breaking Benjamin, Nirvana, Creed, Guns&Roses, Audioslave and others
  3. I want Jon Bon Jovi to eat in Subway with me
  4. I want Jared Leto of rock band 30seconds to Mars to buy me ice-cream
  5. I want my name : Amy Lee, to be in the Oxford Dictionary with the defintition of my name undefined.
  6. I want my band Evanescence to be in History books. (rejoice, kids!)
  7. I want a shrine dedicated to my band Evanescence
  8. I want my room entirely in black with glow-in-the-dark furniture
  9. I want my future singles to be in the US top charts for a year 🙂
  10. I want my #1 fan to tattoo my name : Amy Lee, on his wrist

So yeah, those were the top10 ways of how I want to be treated
if I were a Musicon Celebrity
, Amy Lee!

So guys, get ready to party hard at Nuffnang’s Music Bash ’09!

And *crosses fingers & prays* if you see me partying my arse off there,

You’ll know it’s me Jess, the gurl as Amy Lee

However, there’s always two sides of a person. Whenever I’m not feeling lethal nor on my dark side, I can be pretty much a normal person singing along to pretty much normal songs.

Here’s a video I did on myself singing Jason Mraz’s – I’m Yours

By the end of the whole video : if you think you can sing better than me, you definitely can! I ain’t all that good a singer nor
born with astounding vocal talents mind you
I’m just your average bathroom singer.
So arrghh I’m singing in public for the sake of this post!


So Nuffies & fellow bloggers, see you at the Music Bash I hope?
m/^_^ m/

Credits goes to :

for helpin me with the photography & being my male model (for one of the pics)
Adobe Photoshop CS3
I used for graphic editting
Adobe Premier Pro
I used for video editting
My fingers, eyes & ass
for withstanding hours & hours creating this post
for hosting my videos
for inspiring me to write this entry
for being my muse for the impersonation