I was down in Penang for the weekend – ONE DAY to be exact.

Yeah, it’s kinda like a secret as not many peeps know that I returned. Due to the fact that I had only one sole purpose of coming down.

…. of which I will blog about pretty soon.
(Hint : Bikini babes, Hunky dudes & Strip Poker)




Anyway, here’s a lil something first. The 10 hour long journey back and forth can indeed be a very restless one. But hey, I enjoyed traveling 1st class on a exclusive double-deckered coach – Aeroline.

My very first time aboard!

They had a :

  1. A flat screen TV
  2. A lounge with upholstered couches
  3. Plug-points for our laptops
  4. Blankets and cushions on the seats
  5. “Air” stewards to attend to us
  6. A built-in Aero.Fm
  7. A PA system
  8. and most of all – something that made me grin from ear to ear :

They served Subway during the journey! Imagine that!

I reckoned I would be bored to death on board, without WiFi to blog live. But I was wrong, there seems to be something about me and coincidentally meeting my friends whilst traveling!

Guess which buddy I met this time?

Ray Cheong
Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor Finalist
& DiGi Celebriteen Champ!

Hurrah! Some company – finally! Ray and I were equally hungry as we ate no breakfast. Pardon us and our gluttony. You did not just see the picture below.

When hunger gets the better of us

Just as you thought we had enough, we didn’t. We had another round of bites at the rest house en route to Penang. Long tiresome journeys can really make one hungry. Hee.

Superstar having his 2nd consecutive packet of Nasi Lemak

Whilst I filled myself with roasted groundnuts

Apart from him, iPoot and Snappy, there was nothing else on board to keep me entertained. So, away I snapped.. and snapped.. and snapped. In total, I took a number of repetitive pictures in similar stances.. but chose this doofus-looking piccie from all the rest.

On the highway back home

Nostalgia filled my mind the moment BuddyCarter picked me up when I finally arrived at my destination. I realized that I never looked at Penang that way before – those roads, those landmarks, those people. The familiarity.

This is. HOME. at last!
I can feel it burning.

Buddy Carter & I

Stay tuned for some swimming dipshit!
+ some strip poker pics if you’re lucky