So last night, I was up till the wee hours of the morning – 5am to be exact. Yeah, supposedly studyin I reckon.

But I just can’t get my fingers off the internet the whole godforsaken day. Facebooking, designing and chatting online got the better of me.

But heck, this is my 4th time as the girl with red streaks.
Your red-head author is back once more!

Ahh, the sunny rays always does my hair justice

Since Jess the red-head is back after quite some time, I might as well make a new avatar for myself no? ^_^

I introduce you, LiL benjicajess :

For any of my buddies who want an avatar too, just leave a comment below to tell me so. I’ll try to find some time on my fingers to create one for you as well!


I fink my brain has turned red already.

To date, I’ve re-done my hair crimson red 4 times. Which is enough to make me a red-red for a good consecutive 3 years now. Having my trademark incarnadine streaks made me feel my attitude churning deep within.

Well needless to say, red is my favorite colour – second to black.

I know I’ve done many crazy stuff with my hair and chopping it off each time it grows long and heck, never seem to be bored of it.

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Though I’m not as extravagantly bold as others who wore their hair in bright green or a fluorescent yellow, I think my hair escapade is a lot for me to handle.

Anyway, here I am before the procedure in the Loreal Studio hair salon.
Thanks to my college senior Jolyn, she recommended me to it.

Right, say goodbye to my current hair which reigned for 5 months.
*braces self* WHOOOOPEDOOOO!!!


It was great to have a partner there with me. Thank goodness she was there, she helped translate Mandarin to English for me whenever the hair stylist spoke.

My bestie Joyce and I just before our turn
*shuts eyes*

Woots! These were the colours I had chosen. I specifically requested for the hair stylist to burn my hair with red ONLY at the ends and tips. For the other parts of my hair, I asked for it to be dyed dark purple/aubergine.


Now with my red-aubergine hair and her light brown cocoa hair, we’re ready to say hello again!

Bestie Joyce and I after our 4hour procedure
I just learnt something new today.
You would know when you camwhore too much when your memory card yells a :


at you.

Ahh, after a simple hit of ‘format memory card’, I flirted with my camera again all morning. I like this picture because the shaded rays of the sun made my hair look purplish instead of deep red.

Yeah, that’s me with without any make-up. -___-“
It was in the morning ffs.

Laugh. Go ahead.
All you want. Hmmph.

I just won’t create an avatar for you if you laugh.

Ok randomly, I will reenact my previous habit of camwhoring in the car. Trust me, if you did your head red you’d prolly find more sunshine to camwhore in as well. heh.