How would it feel to experience pain for your birthday present? MUAHAHAHAH. That’s exactly what we gave bestie Rachel in the afternoon.

Ready set, GO!

Paintball is now PAIN-ball. =)

I managed to gather the entire group of peeps together to unleash their military & strategic skills.

Hey, KX. I will never ever forget how we became friends *evil stare*
And hey, IT STILL HURTS! =p

Before…. oh so clean

Despite the sweltering heat due to the humid weather, we still donned our thick camouflage jackets, safety headgear, and markers filled with Boysenberries.
Oops. More of POISONberries – the bullets.

The after effects of paintball. Douched in Nickelodeon Slime!

I had so much fun with you peeps. Guys, you were awesome!!!
*group hugss*

Later that night, was bestie Rachel’s birthday celebration. We hit the clubs and guess what? The most unexpected people actually came!!! *cheers!* We were so glad they made it!

We had fun throughout the night & the dance floor AFTER the event hosted there ended.. along with that rapper in Cantonese. OMFG *grins*

More? LOL. More puke silly. =P

Aiseh. Gav looking all so yeng in a shirt. WOW. A one timer man! Just like what Pali said. Cool, good thing I have the picture. =)

Sim: Happy Birth *huhhhggggg* *FREE FLOW OF PUKE* day Rachel!

Sargeant, Over.
and OUT.