Just got back from Singapore and I had such a terrific time during the weekend! Try conjuring images of rockers, large crowds, burfday songs and public “embarrassment”. Nah, just kidding. It wasn’t all about that.

I didn’t torture him that terribly… or did I?

So yeah. Before I share the boyfie’s big bang birthday weekend, Imma kick back some swagger and take to the streets. It’s old skool babeh. What could be better than some preppy gear and vintage wear?

This season, it’s all about the streets.
There ain’t no rules ‘cept the ones on the wall

Graffiti at its best. Hit the streets with urban artsy fartsy doodles splashed on walls, some trash cans, rubbish strewn around for the edgy hit and a bottle of whatever.

Laidback, with her fave pair of Converse…
She’s jackin’ the streets.
credits to: theboyfie who shot me in the back alleys

Yep, that’s right. I’m lovin this now. And if you guys didn’t catch the Adidas Spring & Summer collection ‘o9, ya better head down to get a sneak peak. I’m totally diggin’ the classic yet contemporary look they have this season. Try a Vespa with those familar 3 stripes? Loves.

On a completely different note, I even bought myself some blasts from the past. They say certain fads die off but this is eternal to stay.

Jess is sporting her retro rock&roll miniskirt, latex black skinny slacks,
an Audrey Hepburn purse and tartan blouses aka “boyfriend shirts”

“Shopping is cheaper than Psychiatrists”

I’m always ready for some retail therapy!

But when I’m totally junked out, these caffeine kickers imported to my desk all the way from Pakistan will definitely do the trick.

So, laugh out when you strike a pose and put on all your preppy clothes!

Oh and…