And if I didn’t already enjoy Mass Communication in campus? It has just gotten better and jam-packed with fun! Being a person who already loved photography sosososossoso much, I was overjoyed when we were arranged to take Photo Communication classes this semester. *jumps ecstatically and cartwheels*

Remember when I mentioned about my photography field trip to Campbell Streethere?

We had fun from the beginning way till the end. Look at the rest of my classmates climbing the wall of childhood:

Mike then thought that after being blessed by the wall of childhood, he was able to fit into the slide. It looks like his plans turned out otherwise… he got stuck while trying to slide down! Nyeh-heh-heh

Modelling was then in action as we were assigned to take close-up shots and half-body shot. Take a look at the models of the day. *applause*

Steph the model, already familiar with the photo sessions

I was just waiting for him to do something spontaneous when *snap* went my camera
I love this picture!

I had a chance to have my picture taken by the bridge.
See the fountains behind? Pretty,no? =)

The ape did have the golden opportunity to have his picture taken as well

It was oh-so-sweet when the Bollywood romance & Cupid’s arrow hit Sree & Vicky right on the head! Latest additions to the Bollywood movie stars.

There were many beautiful sights seen at the swimming pool. When I saw the red & blue arches in front of the fountains, my camera just knew what to do without being asked. =)

And adjacent to the huge fountain, I captured something (or rather someone) which I deemed very picture worthy. The innocence is a bliss. Take a look:

Then we headed down to the Skate Park and watched the wheelies go!

Buddy Mike & I trying in vain to balance!

It was even better when one of the stunt-cyclists happened to be Leo’s old friend.

Yay! So all of us kept bugging him and his clan to showcase their tricks and stunts for us to catch on camera.

There was some stunt called ‘The Grind’ done on one of the pro-bicycles. Check out everyone preparing & posing to capture the best angle & shot

It was awesome and they were great! Thankfully, they were such sports & agreed to perform again and again until we were satisfied with our photographs. I for one, am definitely satisfied.

Here’s my shot:

Oh well, we learnt lots on photo techniques after the entire field trip until I devised a plan on how to remember a thing or two from the lesson.

Introducing Micheal Augustin….

He’s gonna demonstrate the important tips on photo angles

Haha.. anyway, we managed to capture a few group piccies for memories sake. I had a fright when Lila yelled my name from far just to ask me to enter the picture. =) Sure, I will gurl!
Sree, Lila, Diana, Jess

Coincidentally, we were colour-coordinated.

… in two of my fav colours!